how to write profile summary

How To Write Profile Summary

How To Write Profile Summary? Step 1: Before starting the Profile summary first you should conduct research on your desired job. The closer your profile summary matches the job description is the better chance for you to win the job. Compare the advertisements and write a list of common job requirements observed from different job […]

Do we need a Job Objective in Resume?

Do we need a Job Objective in Resume?

Do we need a Job Objective in Resume? 7 out of 10 Resume Samples that you see on the Internet have a Job Objective.  Do we need a job objective in resume? Actually, it is a debatable topic. Few career consultants argue objective statement is out of date and not required while others claim it […]

dynamic areas in a resume

What are the dynamic areas in a resume?

What are the dynamic areas in a resume? A resume is a dynamic document whereas a CV may or may not be dynamic. So you have to customize your resume each time when you apply to a job opening. Updating your resume for every job does not mean that you must make major corrections to […]

How should you use your resume

How should you use your resume? [Important Hack]

How should you use your resume? A lot has been talked about what exactly a resume is and why it is such a crucial document, but there is a little resource available online regarding how should you use your resume and it has not been given its due importance. This blog will help you comprehend […]

resume coach

Why do you need a resume coach to write your resume?

Why do you need a resume coach to write your resume? Landing a job for oneself does not just depend on your chief skills and abilities, what is important in the preliminary levels is a strong recommendation for yourself. For this you do not need a letter of reference from an influential individual; instead, you […]

how to explain career break

How to explain career break in your resume?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a smooth running career at all times, for some reason or the other, they experience a gap in it. The break can be both voluntary and involuntary, for instance

Who should use Visual Resume

Who should use Visual Resume?

A visual resume is most commonly used among the job seekers from graphics, web design, & digital background. But generally, this type of resume can be used for Senior Level Professionals like CEO level, COO, & Management level..

How to Pass ATS & move your resume to human hands? | ATS Compatible Resume

Many organizations rely on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to pre-filter resumes. The ATS works by scanning resumes for keywords…

What are Filler Words in a Resume?

A Resume, as all job seekers well know, is one of the most important documents that need to be produced before the hiring company. In this post, we are covering about “What are Filler Words in a Resume”

How to Convert Your Responsibilities into Achievements

Resume writing can be a difficult task for most people; it is easy to gauge that you need to feed a resume with all your professional details along with your educational qualification

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