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Worst Common Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

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The necessity of a cover letter is a topic of debate these days; while a significant section of the recruiters do not find time to read a cover letter in addition to a resume, there is another section that considers those candidates to be more dedicated who attach a cover letter with their resume as a supporting document. Though composing a cover letter seems to be easier when compared to a resume, yet there are a lot of errors that surface. This blog will help you identify the most regular 7 cover letter mistakes so that you can avoid making the same when you attempt writing your cover letter.

  1. Repeating the resume: there is no point in repeating the things that you have already mentioned in your resume, the recruiter already has a copy of that and has probably by this time gone through it. The cover letter is your opportunity to talk about the things that you could not in the resume elaborately. So make use of this space wisely to add value to your application, to talk about your personality and how you reached the place that you are at today.
  2. Copy and paste: a recruiter will surely not be happy to see the same type of cover letter over and over again; hence there is no use just copying and pasting things from a generic template and pasting it in your cover letter. Be original and creative, and customise the content as per the top three requirements of the recruiters. It gives a fresh and engaging appeal to the cover letter.
  3. Making oneself the centre of discussion: any hiring manager is not so much interested in what you are personally, as is he in your skills and abilities. So shift the focus from yourself and place it on the recruiter, avoid talking about what you want and expect from this job, instead concentrate on the wants of your potential employer. Once you are on the same page as him, you will be able to avoid at least of the 7 cover letter mistakes that are commonly made.
  4. Grammar and Spelling Errors: commonly referred to as ‘Typos’ make very frequent appearances in a cover letter. This does not put you in too good a light, therefore, put in extra effort to make sure the cover letter is devoid of any grammatical or spelling error. As it is hiring managers, do not have much time in hand, and added to that if they have to open a letter that is full of these mistakes it only makes them more irritated. The applicant comes across as a lazy and non-dedicated person. In case you are not confident in correcting the errors yourself, choose from among the numerous software applications that are easily available. But be sure to run a spell and grammar check several times before you are ready to hand it off.
  5. Making it too lengthy: as you already know that almost everyone on this planet is running out of time, hence it does make any sense to write a novel in the name of a cover letter. So the attempt ought to be to keep it short and to the point. Keep away from writing any unnecessary details and increasing the letter’s word count; a half page, say about 150- 200 words is the most that you can aim at, anything more than that it is not preferred by most employers. You do not have to include your extra-curricular activities; anything that is not relevant to the position being offered has to be evaded.
  6. Highlighting unwanted soft skills: you have to learn how to be precise, you may have too many soft skills, but the recruiter is not interested in knowing about all of them. Input information of only those soft skills that are related to the job description you are applying in; exempt the others. Emphasise o how these skills will bring value to the company if and when you get onboard with them.
  7. Missing out on mentioning your availability for an interview: last but not the least, one of the 7 cover letter mistakes is to not make a mention to the employer about your interview availability. This may be an old practice, but it has worked every time! Since the cover letter is your space for pitching yourself, planting the thought in the recruiter’s head that you think you are the ideal person for the position, has an effect of its own. Put in a day, date and time along with proper contact number and close your cover letter. There are very bleak chances that you will go unnoticed.

Taking a cue from the above write up, I wish you the best of luck in drafting the best cover letter you possibly can and emerge victorious with a call for an interview.

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