Why Soft and Hard Skills Are Important for Your Resume

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Why Soft and Hard Skills Are Important for Your Resume

soft and hard skills are important

What is a resume? Well, it is the document that reflects you – the qualifications, the achievements and the relevant skills, all of which are vital to your recruitment in any organisation. When designing a resume, however, the primary point of focus gets restricted to the first two. It is time you realise that not only are the Soft and Hard Skills Are Important for Your Resume, but also a section that needs full and careful attention.

The reason why these two kinds of skills acquire that level of importance has to be first understood, for it to get its due thought. Imagine yourself to be on the recruiter’s chair, what would you want?  A person with high qualification and not understanding of how to deal with tricky situations or someone who may not be extraordinarily qualified but has all that is necessary to bring a sinking ship out. What then is essential here more than the knowledge of the books? The practical knowledge, better known as the skills.

By now, we all know there are two types of skills recruiters vouch for – the hard and the soft skills. While the former is basically, the knowledge of professional techniques that one is expected to know through some on-job-training or books at school, for the smooth functioning of the systems involved in the particular work. The latter on the other hand is of more value as it focuses on the value systems of the candidate. And recruiters these days are also focusing a lot on the latter and attaching equal importance to the same, owing to the fact, that its easier to find more individuals with the same hard skills, but those with the appropriate soft skills are rare. But everything said and done,  hard and soft skills are like the two sides of a coin; one without the other is of no use.

While you might be a great team leader, you will fail to achieve the real-time targets set by the organisation, if you do not have any training with specialisation in your field of work. Certain jobs can be done only with knowledge, i.e. the hard skills, e.g. if you do not have training in graphics designing,  a job for the post of a graphic designer seems to be a distant thing. In this situation, being flexible ( a soft skill) does not provide much help.

So, you see why are soft and hard skills are important? Hence you cannot afford to undermine either in your resume. On the contrary, the resume only appears better when there is a proper description of both types of skills.

For this, you will have to keep your job description handy, refer to it time and again, gauging which kind of skill is essential for the position offered. Depending on that focus on the relevant skill set, it is helpful if you can identify the skills mentioned in the description, with those you have. The closer your skills are to those of the job description, the higher the chances for you bagging the job.

When talking about your soft skills in the resume, remember to substantiate the, with the achievements you have to show them how you put the soft skills to work to attain the desired results. If you are a ‘team player’ tell them how big a group you have led in the past and how you led them to realise any goal set by the company.  While some jobs prefer either more of the hard skills, some do so with the soft skills, and there are still others find both equally vital to progression in the career.

I hope now you have cleared your concept of how are both soft and hard skills are important to be appropriately mentioned in your resume.

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