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Why LinkedIn is important? Your Career Needs LinkedIn

Why LinkedIn is importantYour parents or guardian are the first providers of basic needs to you; but once you earn knowledge and come of age, you have to stop being dependent on them. It is you who takes control of things and make ends meet. This is why adults endeavour to take up some form of career and do not leave any stone unturned to secure a job. The world currently runs on technology, and life has become ‘online’ dependent for almost everything, even a job. LinkedIn is your ‘online ticket’ to build a career of your dreams, and that is why I can say with full assurance that LinkedIn is important.

The most obvious question that would come upon such a statement is, how is it of so much of value? Well, it is not just for one reason that LinkedIn has gained this standing in an individual’s professional life. To begin with, a job search is not an easy task. We are not so privileged as to have people come up to us and say that there is a vacancy at their organization if perhaps, we would like to take it up. To make things easier,  LinkedIn has an array of jobs in every possible field, assorted for you. All you need to do is to create a profile with them, and you will have access to a world full of job options. Had it not been for LinkedIn you might not have ever come across the availability of so many jobs around you. You are allowed to choose for yourself the company, based on your preferences as well as standing in life. I hence like to call it ‘the job hunt encyclopedia.’

The next reason, I vouch for the significance of this website in any person’s career is because, unlike a resume that gives you a maximum of two pages, this makes available to you a broader space to present optimally. After creating a profile here, you have all the space in the world to show off your skills, achievements, qualifications, and also your other interests. But of course, all of these have to be incomplete relevance to being professional. It is not like any other social website, where you exhibit the ‘personal’ side of you. This is the only criterion you have to keep in mind while filling your profile with all the possible information about yourself. You can upload photos, videos, or even entire projects whose soft copy you had saved for future reference. Consider LinkedIn to be the empty canvas of an artist, and design it the way you want to. Just keep in mind that your professional image is being reflected through it; this is what ascertains that LinkedIn is important.

If you are wondering why I mentioned that you have to be careful with all that you upload on this profile, then here is your answer,  and yet another cause to establish the worth of LinkedIn as a vital tool in your job search. Just as you have access to this site, several recruiters have the same accessibility. Rendering it be their favourite place for carrying out their hunt of capable candidates. So, now you know that LinkedIn is an open platform both for the employer and the employee alike; and that is precisely why I spoke about you being cautious of what you display here. You have to keep in mind at all times that hiring managers will be going through your profile, without your knowledge and hence, maintaining your dignity becomes mandatory. Therefore, only stick to all that is relevant to a career, even if it is your recreational interest. Do not put up those photographs that you use on Facebook or other similar sites. The content of your profile should be sober, but by that, I do not mean that you leave out the socializing part. Here too, you need to interact with people. As a matter of fact, socializing is more meaningful here, because by doing so, you will get involved in conversations which may be closely related to your chief skills and line of profession. This will consequently get you into the notice of potential recruiters and may even land you a job. In short, LinkedIn aids your task of personal branding immensely.

Like I already said it is a two-way platform; thus, it is not only the employers who can get to know or connect with you; you also can get in touch with senior professionals, in case they have liked you at any time. This is a massive benefit because otherwise, getting to interact with a top-level professional is just a dream in most cases. Networking plays a magnanimous role in this regard, and you have to keep on expanding your network by being part of conversations, group discussions, etc. In fact, becoming part of groups on LinkedIn is a great way to come into the vicinity of recruiters.

Also, like you conduct research on the company you look forward to applying into for a vacant position, you can do so on LinkedIn as well. Similar to you creating a profile on this website, a hoard of companies and organizations create their own profiles on the same podium, giving all their details and also adding their employees to their contact list to give their reviews. You can easily look them up and verify for yourself, whether or not the company and you share the same or similar work ethics.

There you are, you have everything pertaining to your job hunt right at your fingertips; you no longer have to depend on newspapers or posters or handouts for information on vacant positions. And the best part is that, with the notifications button on, you will be informed about any vacancy exactly suited to your profile and the industries that you have shown interest in, on your profile. So, you can actually wholly rely on LinkedIn to bring the news to you. Now you see, why I can say with such conviction that Linked is important for your career, be it the beginning or for its growth.

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