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Why Are You Applying For This Position

One question that you cannot escape is in a job interview no matter for which position or profile you apply is that ‘why are you applying for this position?’ Well, the question is one of the most obvious yet most bewildering to the attendees. Many people tremble when faced with the question and most of the time they are not prepared well to answer it. What the applicants must understand is the psychology behind the question. (Read how to explain about yourself in an interview.)Why Are You Applying For This Position

When an employer asks you ‘why are you applying for this position’, they are basically trying to figure out how well you know about their company, their business, and more importantly the profile you are applying for. It is an opportunity to let them know how well your skills and experience align with the position you are applying for. Moreover, consider it an opportunity to prove how well you can contribute to the success and efficiency of the firm as a whole.

So next time, when you are faced with the question ‘why are you applying for this position’, address the concern sportingly and embrace it as a possibility to outshine other applicants in front of your employer. Here are some tips to help you address the question effectively:

Explain how your experience and skills align with the position you are applying for

First and foremost thing your employer wants to know is whether you are the right fit for the position or not. Focus on your prior experience in the industry and showcase your skills that match the required position. Highlight the desired skills mentioned for the position that you possess and make you a good fit for the position. Focus on key skills and relevant experience. No matter how much you have to speak about your skillset, it is advisable to keep it short and crisp.

Elucidate how the job position connects to your career trajectory

We all wish to achieve a certain position in our career. Our job roles help us gain the necessary experience and groom ourselves to step up the success ladder. Explain to your employer how the position relates to your career trajectory. More importantly, you should be able to showcase yourself as a reliable employee that can be trusted for long-term employment. Do not take a job position as a stepping stone to success but an opportunity to learn new skills, gain required experience, and hone previous ones.

Express your enthusiasm for the job profile

Every employer loves to appoint an employee who is enthusiastic about the job role as well as the company. Take this as an opportunity to perfect pitch for the job position. Express your excitement to work as a part of the team and your enthusiasm towards being an employee in that company. Highlight the key factors that relate to the focus and ethics of the firm making you a perfect fit for the position. Employers find it impressive when you know a couple of things about their company.

With these tips, you can effectively answer the most perplexing question “why are you applying for this position?” that haunts many job applicants!

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