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Who should use Visual Resume?

A visual resume is most commonly used among the job seekers from graphics, web design, and digital background. But generally, this type of resume can also be used for Senior Level Professionals like CEO, COO, and for other Management level professionals who are relying more on email to apply for a job. If you rely even little on Job Portals it is a good choice to avoid using Visual Resume. Before discussing who should use visual resume let us see its benefits.

Benefits of using a Visual Resume

Generally, recruitment managers spend less time to view your resume. So, to stand out from the crowd, your resume must be unique, attractive and impressive. How would you impress an employer to have a look at your resume? A visual resume is a perfect answer to it.

It lets you represent your skills, experience, knowledge, and achievements visually appealing. It also helps you in enhancing your image and brand among other job seekers. In normal conditions, out of 10 resumes, there will be 1 visual resume which will definitely steal the show.

Visual Resume helps to express a high level of creativity and innovation of an individual. Helps to demonstrate your presentation skills. Recruiters in various organizations from different sectors who hire professionals having distinct experience levels find visual resume friendly, authentic and innovative.

Let me tell you who should use a visual resume. Though visual resumes are highly useful for media field candidates and designers, anyone can reap its benefits who aims for Senior Management Professionals like GM, Directors, CEO and other Managerial Professionals. However, if you’re relying on portals, then the visual resume is not recommended. In a video presentation that includes audio, video, PowerPoint slideshow or a combination of all three is a complete package of Visual Resume.

What kind of visuals to use?

We can use any visual or a picture which relates to our profession or academics. We can include a picture of awards, ceremonies and certifications. For example: If you’re an Oracle certificate holder, then you can use the Oracle symbol in your visual resume.

How to create?

Visual Resume is an innovation to all job seekers. The visual resume shows key highlights visually besides detailed information in text format. Recruiters feel that visual resumes are eye catchable, while job seekers tend to stand out.

Generally, the content of a visual resume can be categorized into two divisions which include customizing the content, and visuals.


Customize the content based on the skills, experience, and knowledge which a recruiter expects from an employee. This information is acquired by the job posting and conversation with the recruiters internally.


Visuals used in your resume should have relevance to the job posted, skills, knowledge and experience gained earlier. Visual should not look more complex.

Why do people love Visual Resume?

You can use visuals and graphics that showcase your key accolades & expertise skills and make you stand alone from the crowd.

You can highlight things which are most significant. If you want to put your core skills first to let the recruiter know your knowledge, Visuals and images tend to reverberate them better because they are easy to capture.

Effective use of Visual resume

A visual resume is most effective when you target an Advertisement, Digital, Graphic arts, High-tech related roles and other creative fields.

General Advantages

  1. Gives a visual representation of your highlights to scan your resume easily
  2. Revamp text information into visuals
  3. Usage of pictures and visuals enhances the authenticity

Note: As a resume master consultant, we strictly recommend general professionals do not have a visual resume. As people unknowingly availing the Visual Resume Service, we have removed the visual resume designing services from our website. However, if professionals approach us with the right career background or in rare cases, if they are Senior Management Professionals then we design and deliver visual resume with a small visual resume conversion fee. However, we will tell them where to use and when to use the Visual or Graphical Resume.

We believe now you know Who should use Visual Resume. Take the right choice by avoiding it if you’re applying to a big corporate company that uses ATS or if you use Job Portals. Comment below if you have any questions related to this article. If you need us to design you a stunning visual resume then click here to reach us.

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