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Where To List Education Details on a Resume

education details on a resumeSure, designing a resume is no ‘rocket science’ but mind you, it’s not a cake walk either; there are several minute details that need to be taken care of if you want to stand out among the other candidates applying from the same job position. While your skills and work experience form the major portions of a resume, yet the other thing that holds a significant weight on the same is your educational qualifications. The placement of education details on a resume is something that plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of anyone reading the resume.

What you cannot afford to forget is, your education will be acting as a catalyst giving leverage to your selection over others. Strategy, thus, is your keyword in the way you present your educational accomplishments on the resume. The position you are applying for is the determinant of the criterion the recruiter will be looking for in your resume. For instance, if you are starting off as an entry-level candidate, the prospective employer will look for a minimum of a college degree and also the university graduated from. On the other hand, suppose a recruiter has opened the position for a director, then he would be expecting something like an MBA, or some additional similar managerial training, on your resume.

Now if you have graduated from a reputed university like Harvard and recently, use it to your advantage and mention the education details on a resume, towards the beginning. This is most likely to be the prominent section of your resume as ‘first-timer’ in the corporate world, and hence, ideally, you should keep the education qualification section just after your name and contact details. It ought to be positioned even before any work experience that you may have had.

Here again, you need to consider for how long you have had any kind of work experience, in the field of work you are aiming to get employed. If it is more than one year, then the knowledge you gained at schools and universities has a little less important and therefore, needs to be listed after the experience. After all in the corporate world, your experience will always matter more than your academic achievements. In fact, if you have an experience of 5 years or more, you can even choose to omit some of the not so important information about your education.

While most of you may have completed your education, there could be a few who have not been able to do so, either owing to education being aborted for some reason, or because you are still pursuing it.if you have completely stopped in for some reason, try and include the names of the courses or training that you have completed along with years they were acquired.  This you could put down in a separate section and let your recruiter know how you undertook courses that would help you continue to gain skills which would be helpful for your profession.

But if your education is still in progress take the education details on a resume, just below the summary statement and include the name of the degree undertaken, the institution from where it is being pursued and the year that will be completed. At all times, remember to portray clarity in the resume by being honest.

Your resume, as you already know by now, is a mirror image of you in front of any potential employer and so it is your hands how you present yourself. So, make the best use of whatever academic accomplishments you have attained and place them smartly on the resume.

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