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When To Remove Old Jobs From the Resume?remove old jobs from the resume

Just as our house needs deep cleaning at regular intervals, so does your resume, so that your prospective employer may know what you have achieved lately that can be beneficial if he/she offered you the job. This is why it is crucial that you take time out and make efforts to remove old jobs from the resume. Keeping your resume updated at all times is a necessary action that needs to be performed by every individual, every once in a while.

I am sure you understand that not every kind of job you have done in the past can be relevant or useful for the current one you are pursuing. That is why there is no reason that you should waste space on this vital document, which serves not merely as your biography but also as a marketing tool for yourself. However, editing the jobs on your resume involves some careful attention that ha to paid so that you ultimately do not end up including the one that is not important and leaving out the essential one.

For this purpose answering a few questions could help you get sorted.

  1. Does that particular job have close or any relevance to the position you are presently pursuing?
  2. Will the removal of the specific job give the impression of a career break on my resume?
  3. Was the end of an association with the particular recruiter a bitter one that will not yield positive references?

According to the standard practice, you should include no more than ten years of work experience on your resume; but having said that, I should warn you that not all the employment during these years need necessarily be germane to the one you are trying to bag. So that brings us to the fact that you have to be selective when you remove old jobs from the resume.

So, how then can the ‘being relevant’ be determined? Well, you could begin by reading through the job description very intently and closely. Analyse your key skills that would render maximum help to carry out the responsibilities of the vacant position, then in line with that figure out the job that you had acquired those skills at, or where you used them optimally. Now, based on this arrange and list the positions on the resume. If you feel that a certain recent job is not so pertinent to the new one you are applying for, you may leave it out without any hesitation. On the other hand, even though your first job may be one that you worked on a long time back, yet if it has any significance to the novel one, go ahead and include it.

Also, consider understanding the values and beliefs of the company you are trying to be associated with. If you find that their vision and belief system are in contradiction to any job you may have done in the past, then it is best you omit it from the updated resume. However, college students who are applying for the job can and should list any part-time job they have had, despite it being contrary to the present companies interests and ethics. This, ought to be done precisely when you do not have much work experience to list. Recruiters vouch for such entry-level candidates who have acquired skills through their part-time jobs.

When you have had any job that may make you appear as a job-hopper, it is time you know you have to remove old jobs from the resume. But if it was a job that you had taken up to add skills to your person and expand your abilities, while you waited on a better job, then it is not something that you should leave out.

In a nutshell then, when in confusion as to when to remove old jobs from the resume, do not forget to include any job experience that will help you land that interview with the organisation of your choice.

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