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When Should I Make A LinkedIn Account

Make A LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn has assumed the status of being synonymous to a job hunt, every recruiter binges on these digital footprints while they are on the hunt for appropriate candidates to fill the positions at their organisation. Therefore, there remains no doubt in whether or not one ought to make a LinkedIn account; you most definitely have to have one. The question is when should you make one.

LinkedIn can render to you both a kick-start to your career or acceleration in it with developments you wish to achieve. This is a sorted out way of reaching out to more people, presenting your image and convincing them that you are their perfect choice; and the best part is you do not have to work too hard to draw the attention of people. The ease that LinkedIn provides for both recruiters and job seekers in the process of recruitment, simultaneously, is remarkable.

Because it is so vital to you being hired at any company, does not mean that you have to spend hours working at it. If you are clear with what and how your profile should appear to anyone who visits it, it does not take much time. You, however, have to keep it updated at all times, which is why you need to check it every once in a while. So, the answer to ‘when should you make a LinkedIn account?’, is, the moment you have decided to start pursuing your career. Just after you have dedicated enough time to design the perfect resume, it is time that you invest some more of your time into creating an ideal image of you for anyone on the lookout for a suitable employee.

The trending gravity of a LinkedIn account gives you enough reasons to attach to it the same importance that you would to our resume. You do not have to be continuously hooked onto it, yet it gives leverage to your online presence vastly. You can enjoy the benefit of showing up on the search of some potential employer by merely having an account on LinkedIn; which otherwise would not have been possible.

One more crucial reason that one should make a LinkedIn account is that it allows you to say things about yourself that could not in a resume, owing to its limited space. LinkedIn makes it possible to give a clearer picture of your professional self, and thereby, simplifies the shortlisting of candidates by potential employers. Having become a personal website for one and all, LinkedIn has taken over the preliminary stages of the hiring process. The increasing number of users of LinkedIn thus does not come as a surprise.

The simplicity that LinkedIn has brought into the genre of recruitment is unmatched. All you have to do is just let LinkedIn know the criteria for the kind of job you are looking for and one that suits your skill set, and then be sure to be informed about the available appropriate jobs for you within no time. So, you no longer have to spend hours going through the ‘classifieds’ section of the newspapers! The same is applicable for employers as well, who can either randomly search for suitable candidates by typing the keywords for the position vacant. Alternatively, and that which happens more predominantly, is once they receive the application from any candidate and they have read through it, their immediate reaction is to conduct a search on LinkedIn of the same person and learn about him/her in details to check for their suitability for the post being offered.

It, therefore, becomes crucial for one not merely to make a LinkedIn account but to attach equal importance to it, as he/she would to his/her resume. Hence, there are a lot of careful considerations that you have to keep in mind while making your LinkedIn profile, to put your best self forward.

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