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What Your Resume Really Says About You?resume really says about you

Your Resume: Your ID card

Can you ever imagine about getting a job without a resume? No. Isn’t it? A resume is, as we all are aware of, the most important document for you. It is an insight into what you are and how your function within the corporate world. Also how this kind of functioning of yours is beneficial for the organisation, you are associated with. So, here I am with my blog giving a detailed understanding of what a resume really says about you.

The first thing that a resume does is to create a ‘first impression’, and if we go by the adage ‘first impression is the last impression’, then you can only imagine the kind of weight this document carries with it. Your profile summary is pretty much responsible for creating this impression and consequently becomes your ‘make it or break it’ statement. This is the segment that highlights your key skills, and the experiences that you have gathered over the years and thus creates an impact on the mind of the recruiter.

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Remember always, a resume does not mean that you make a list of the chronological events of your career and present it on a paper. Instead, it is all about your achievements and what is it that you have in you that would prove to be advantageous to a particular company or industry. In short, you could consider that among what your resume really says about you is the fact that you are a product which the resume is trying to sell. So dedicating considerable time in planning and creating an impressive resume is definitely worth the while.


Your English and the way you handle your resume is yet another concept that is conveyed by your resume, and so, you need to be extra careful when it comes to the correct language and arrangement of information on the resume. This is where I’d like to mention that though creating a resume may not always seem to be a mammoth task to most people, yet the truth is it is one of those documents in your life that you need to plan meticulously. The way you tailor your resume reflects your confidence as a seeker of employment.


The experiences that you list in your resume area mirror to the kind of person you are and how you have handled the situations that you have been faced with. This is what assures recruiters of your ability and more importantly your attitude towards the others present at work around you. Using a conversational tone proves to provide an optimistic overview of your personality to the hiring entity.


Because you will be mentioning all your educational qualifications, it is an obvious fact that a recruiter will be enlightened about the kind of education you have received and from where, so, this is the next thing on what your resume really says about you.


A concise description of your entire professional life depicts the kind of seriousness and sincerity that you have with regards to your career. Any glitch in the construction of the resume reveals that there are glitches in your career too which you are trying to hide, and thereby makes you appear in a negative light. In case, you have not put in enough thought into the creation of this resume; it conveys the message that this job is not very important to you.

Hence, irrespective of how much time and energy you may need to dedicate to designing your resume, you must, by all means, do so.  Make sure that your resume is always up-to-date and very modern, and provides every information that any particular recruiter might be looking for.

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