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What you can expect from your first job out of college?

Now that you are a graduate, you must be thinking about entering a new phase of your life – your career. I understand the kind of anticipation and anxiety you are surrounded with, so here I am, with yet another blog, to ease out things for you. I will help you in comprehending what all you should be expecting from your ‘first job out of college ever’. (Read “How to answer where do you see yourself 5 years from now in an interview“)first job out of college

Professional life is nothing like your what your experience has been so far; therefore the first thing you can expect is ‘Newness’. This novelty or newness will be in aspects such as:

  • the formal relations that you will experience with your boss and your colleagues; surely this will change with time
  • the behaviour you will be expected to exhibit at your workplace
  • the different kinds of work you will learn related to the position at which you will be hired

Along with these new things, dear entry-level candidate, you have to be ready to make a lot of major alterations too. Make yourself mentally string and let your motto be to “give your best and but be prepared for the worst”. Life whether personal or professional doesn’t always make you happy; so there will be days when ‘stress’ will be the only word you will identify with. While there will also be days of sunshine, when you will receive praise and appraisal for your persistent efforts; however, this will happen only when you work earnestly as well as honestly to the best of your abilities.

The appreciation and standing out from the rest should be your aim in this situation, make yourself indispensable, by doing an extra bit after what has been assigned to you. After all, you cannot expect to be recognised unless you show yourself, right? Thus, be tactful and graceful in progressing in your workplace; do not even consider it is possible that being a ‘newcomer’ into the office you overtake everyone and become the best employee overnight. Take your time and get accustomed to the ways and rules of your workplace. Remember “slow and steady wins the race”.

The newness in behaviour that I mentioned a while back referred to being more patient, accepting and respectful towards everyone around; even if they are not too appealing to you. Unlike earlier where you could choose like-minded people to be your friends, here you will not have an option of only interacting with people of your choice.

Never expect that your first job will be your last job, that happens very rarely. Hence, while you give in your all to get a breakthrough, yet do not forget your ultimate aim and deter from intention. In other words, this may not be the job of your dreams, but that should not hinder you from using your skills most optimally.

One last and yet vital thing that one should expect at the beginning of a career is low to the average salary. It is wrong for you to harbour high hopes and then sulk; so, do keep in mind you may have to be satisfied with whatever you get, for starters.

Finally, as I wish you the best of luck in your hunt for your ‘first job out of college’, I would like to advise you to be prepared in ‘expecting the unexpected’.

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