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What to do if the boss doesn’t like you?What to do if the boss doesn't like you

Whether it is a child or an adult, ‘Rejection’ is something that hits hard at both; yet there is no denying the harsh realities of life. This is an emotion that is extremely difficult to handle irrespective of the surrounding in which it takes place. While at home you are at least there are probabilities of resolving it by talking it out with the person concerned, but in a workplace, you really start to suffer when the boss doesn’t like you.

Most often than not you fail to figure out what is the reason behind it and that is what frustrates you even more. Not being happily accepted by your boss is a direct jolt to your self-esteem, confidence and morale. It is like a disease which keeps spreading lest it is treated with immediate effect. Also, winning the favour of your boss happens to be a step to achieving your career goals by getting promoted. So, give yourself a shake, go through this blog and identify for yourself if you have done all it takes to convince your boss that you are not that intolerable after all.

Look out for the person your boss favours: I am sure this sounds weird, but trust me, to know your enemies weakness you may have to become his friend. Therefore, find the person who seems to be bringing a smile on your boss’s face with his/her performance at all times and try to build a friendship. Don’t misinterpret this thinking, being with the favourite person you will get noticed by your boss. No, that is not the case. This is just like getting training from a senior; being with that person or talking to him/her is your way to know how your boss is pleased. Once you get a lead on that, then you can work on yourself and get that halo on your head. In fact, you may get lucky to get first-hand information on why your boss doesn’t like you, in case he/she has said so to that favourite at some juncture.

Check your behaviour:  Human behaviour, as we well know, entails a wide range of things; however, there is a specific code of etiquette that one needs to adhere to within a workplace particularly. You have to know how to strike a balance – while you cannot be an introvert, being an overtly extrovert person has its own downsides too. Again while you cannot afford to shy and coy all the time, being boisterous and extremely opinionated is not accepted very well. On the flip side, a lot depends on the kind of person your boss is; if he is a jovial person who likes to have fun while working by throwing some rib-tickling one-liners, he would prefer his employees to be the same too. However, if he happens to be the ultimate serious person who will not tolerate a slight tweak of your lips during formal discussions, then that he is how he would love to maintain decorum in the office. Thus, your aim would be to discover what exactly is the general mood type of your boss and behave accordingly. Your manners will be one of the keys to win your boss’appreciation.

Up your performance: if at any point of time your boss has made any negative remark about your performance, take it as a learning and not an insult. This will keep you motivated to do better always. And while you strive to enhance your performance, make sure that it comes to the notice of your boss, so that your contribution is acknowledged. If you think, your office ambience allows you to be frank and open about expressing your feelings, then you could ask for evaluations frequently. This effort can sometimes be enough for your boss to start liking you; if not then eventually surely you will find recognition as a dedicated employee.

Remove the negativities: it is difficult but not impossible; I agree being shunned and ignored despite making efforts (as you may think) it is tough to not think negatively about the person who is inflicting the pain on you. But there is nothing that humans cannot accomplish if they desire it wholeheartedly. Start by not being a part of the backbiting conversations about your boss, it is like quicksand, once you are into it, you sink deeper and deeper. The moment you sense the beginning of such a discussion, move out from that circle. Also if your boss happens to tell you something really harsh, do not create a scene about it. Take it as you would do when your teachers at school would scold you for something they did not like; the positivity you build in yourself will reflect in your relationship with your boss and make it easier for you to make attempts to impress him/her.

Don’t become invisible: low confidence and at times the knowledge that you are not really in the good books of your senior can lead you to become invisible. You try to remain in the backstage, avoiding being seen becomes your aim. This is not going to help! You have to come into the limelight, if that sounds too much, at least do not go unnoticed entirely. Looking down and preferring to be swallowed by the floor when your boss is around is not the attitude you should wear if you wish to reach your professional aspirations. Your involvement in projects needs to be recognised and more importantly acknowledged, for the boss to realise the asset you are to his organisation. So, stop wearing the invisibility cape of Harry Porter and muster the courage to come up front, if not centre stage. When you see your boss coming, or you cross him, wish him amiable with a smile even though he may not respond in the same way. Breaking the ice can begin from a civil nod and smile; once that is done, take it a notch higher and give compliments to him/her now and then. Quit avoiding these situations altogether. You can increase your visibility in the office by reaching early and leaving late; this is something you cannot overlook for a long time.

It indeed is a big deal when your boss doesn’t like you; though you cannot control his/her thought process about you, you can certainly change their perception about you. If, you still haven’t, start doing these this instant, for it is ‘better late than never’.

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