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What is the best time to apply for jobs

best time to apply for jobs


When in need of a job desperately, you sure don’t wait or look for the best time to apply for jobs; if, however, you are not in a rush, then your job search can and should be meticulously planned and channelised. Just as are there specific seasons and times of the year when you can enjoy particular activities and things, similarly, hunting for a job too has its own season. Companies are definitely on the lookout for new employees for some reason or the other but, this staff search peaks at certain times of the year.

Timing plays a crucial role in finding a job successfully. Experts and career consultants are of the opinion that the new year rings in the possibilities of a swarm of new job opportunities, i.e. in January and February. The hiring process in most industries is in full swing during these months, and hence, the fitting time to put in your application with immediacy. Though the first week of the first month may go about still getting used to the regular schedule after having enjoyed the holiday flavours, yet the second-week witnesses an acceleration in the pace. The first round of interviews posts the phone calls for the same are made in large numbers.

These two starting months happen to be the busiest for all companies not just for the hiring purpose but also because they have their new budgets in hand. Hence, they are involved deeply in the project plannings and goal settings. The business entities small and big, have a kind of wind storming all around them with so many things happening simultaneously.

Since hiring is in full swing in these two months, you have to be prepared for a higher level of competition as a result of the upsurge in the hiring process. The brighter side of this, however, is that the attendance at the offices are 100% and so you have the opportunity to have all the decision makers on board.

March, April and May also form a part of the best time to apply for jobs; so, don’t let the adrenalin level of your job hunt take a dip. Keep up the spirit and carry on with putting in your resumes, attending interviews and doing your follow-ups. The basic reason companies are still at their top speed looking for staff members is because they know the summer is at hand. Once summer sets in everything suffer a significant set back in terms of movement in the recruitment process, due to the vacations. And the last thing they want is to leave the hiring unfinished. Thus, for anyone who has given an interview around, say, mid May, will experience a rush in the entire process; but there is nothing devoid of exception in this world, and so, if the boss happens to be a procrastinator, he could probably ask everyone to wait for the completion of the task till he returns from the vacation.

Come the holidays, and no one seems to be in the mood to dwell much on the work, eventually leading to the slow down of the recruitments considerably. And because the empty slots for an employee are mostly filled in during the beginning of the year, the requirement for staff is not too much. But that doesn’t mean it is the same for all companies; there may be positions which are still vacant. I would, therefore, suggest, not to give up your job search completely, during June, July and August. There may be organisations which will hire you owing to the reason that there are fewer applicants and you stand out from the rest. You may have to put in a little more effort. You have to keep doing your bit by updating your resume, expanding your network and making more connections.

The next three months – September, October and November, according to experts who have conducted researches, bring back the energy in the hiring of employees and can be considered as one the best time to apply for jobs. While the summer saw a fall in the pace, the fall sees an acceleration, and it becomes evident, the hiring managers have returned from their vacation. Unlike the last quarter where the waiting time was more, this quarter you can expect to have a fast-paced hiring process. This season is said to be the second best time to put in your application, so use it to the best of your ability.

Christmas in the month December yet again brings with it the festivities in the air and a slog in the recruitments. Hiring managers prefer to stall this particular work until the beginning of the next year when they will get a renewed budget. December has been found to be the slowest in hiring. So, if you are very tired of job hunting, this is the ideal time to do so. Enjoy your Christmas and get refreshed for a more energised New Year.

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