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What is an Informational Interview

What is an Informational Interview.An interview, in general, brings out a sense of fear and nervousness in an interviewee, but there is one type of interview that replaces the fear with the joy of more knowledge. I am talking about the informational interview. This is a meeting with a person from any particular industry you are interested in, to discuss and find out information, either in a specific position or about the company or the industry itself. Let me make it very clear at the beginning itself; this is not a job interview.

Well if that is the case, then why waste time doing such a thing? – you may be asking me this; I, however, have substantial knowledge of this, which when I share with you in this write up, will leave you wanting to conduct this sort of an interview instantly.

The primary intention of having a meeting of this sort is to help gain direction and clarity in one’s career path. As a novice in the corporate world you or even later down the line, you may not be sure of the direction you want to move in. Or perhaps you could be unsure of whether you have taken the right choice in being associated with a certain organization. In that case, if you have insights into the workings of a specific role, company or industry, it becomes easier for you to make the decision.

The things that you are enlightened about, at an interview such as this include, the roles, and responsibilities of a particular position, the thought processes or the work ethics of a company, the satisfaction of working at that company and industry, etc. To me this seems to be like a tour inside the kitchen of a restaurant, the glitz and glamour of the restaurant may look tempting from the outside, but after you find out how things are working on the inside, you might not want to dine there.

On a serious note, an informational interview is entirely true to its name and having attended one of this, the one thing you will surely gain is – the confidence to face a formal job interview. Now, this is done for the sole benefit of the candidate on a job hunt; hence you will have to put in all efforts to seek a person who is ready to give you this interview. LinkedIn can be your savior in this regard. Use your contacts and networking skills, send requests to people of senior positions in any company that you want to join. Friends, friends of friends, family – make use of all the people you know to get a breakthrough; surely someone will respond positively. Also, you may have attended business meetings where you exchanged numbers with people of other companies or even a job fair; it’s time to use these contact numbers.

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The importance of this interview type is realized only after you have successfully attended one, however, let me enumerate for you some of the benefits you can expect before you appear for the face to face conversation.

  1. You will enjoy being a part of this because this is definitely going to be stress-free; for once you will play the role of the interviewer. Also, because this is less formal than a typical job interview, the butterflies of the stomach do not seem to be making too much of an appearance. This is an excellent opportunity to build as well as regain confidence. You are free to ask anything pertaining to your career without feeling intimidated.
  2. An informational interview is an insider; it gives you the scope to enter into the processing of an organization even without being a part of it. Apart from that, you have the privilege to ask general questions about facing interviews – this then becomes information about how you face an interview. These pieces of information carry extreme value as they are coming from someone who usually takes the upper hand at an interview, i.e., is the interviewer generally. If you are fortunate by the end of this meeting, you will understand both the perks and downs of the industry, the company as well as position. Additionally, you may have vital trivia about how you can strengthen your application and job search.
  3. Expansion of your personal network is a by-product of an interview of this genre. When you interview people of such significant standing in the corporate world, you are invariably putting yourself into their list of known people, and you never know when the wheel of fortune may turn in favor of you. You could land up working for the person from whom you gathered so many crucial facts of the trade.

Knowing the worth of an informational interview, you should not overlook it or undermine its usefulness. And just as you prepare for a formal job interview, this type of interview needs to follow a code of decorum. Once you have decided which is the industry that interests you the most, do a research and find out the companies you would want to be a part of, then shake up the basket of your known human resources. Try and secure an interview. After that, prepare the questions you would like to ask, beforehand, so that you do not get confused and end up annoying your interviewee. Also, keep a little knowledge of the company you are approaching, which shows your serious interest.

Be as courteous as you would be at a proper job interview, even though this may be a tad bit informal and as soon as the interview is over, send in a thank you note to appreciate their kind gesture of spending so much time with you.

That is about it, take complete advantage of this exceptionally effective tool of the informational interview and keep your understanding and wisdom alive. Who knows you may realize that the job that you had been harboring as your dream job for so many years may not be the best suited for you. All the best!

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