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What is a resume writing service and how to know its capacity and trustworthiness?

Writing a resume may sound simple, but trust me, it is one work that requires absolute diligence; any Tom, Dick, Harry cannot compose an effective resume. That is the reason perhaps that innumerable resume writing service providers are evolving across the globe. Still, as I said, not everyone is capable of tailoring for you the most suitable resume to bag a job. This is where you need to become cautious and look out for the right kind of resume writing service, but for that, you should first know correctly what exactly is a resume writing service.

A resume writing service does not merely mean that someone will create a resume for you based on the details that you give to him/her. It is a service that is supposed to provide complete coverage from understanding your particular professional standing by continually keeping in touch to building the resume accordingly. Now you need to know that a service provider of resume writings can be broadly categorized into


These are not humans but software that help you create stereotype resumes after you fill in all the details after selecting a specific resume template. Your pocket is the one happy entity in this process, as these are extremely cost-effective; because if you are a fan of dedication, this perhaps is the showcase of the least commitment of an applicant. Surely you save a lot of time here; ideally, you shouldn’t consume more than an hour or so because you are the only human who is reviewing the end product. It is thus a resume builder that can handle hundreds of resumes in a day. However, if you are to consider the satisfaction part – my opinion is, you would not be satisfied. It will not help you customize the resume, and one of the essential criteria of resumes is to have a customized resume for each type of job profile. This sort of service ought to be availed under the circumstance that the individual feels confident about designing the resume him/herself.


When compared to the builders, the mills are that type of resume service where the quantity of resumes being dealt with is smaller. There is no software here to compose the resume but a few freelancers. The service provider, in most cases, outsources their work, and the resumes are written by not so experienced writers, which is why only about a dozen resumes can be completed within a day. The pinch on your pocket is a little more than the builders, but the number of days to complete the task takes nearly 2-3 days. The bottom line is when you think that you cannot make your own resume it is best to seek the help of resume mills or resume experts


If and when you believe that your professional background is complex, it is always best that you go in for a service that is operated by experts. The resume experts are the perfect solution to all your doubts about what should be included and what not included in a resume. Also, if the position you are targeting is a highly competitive one, this is the service you can blindly trust. The writers performing within this genre of resume service are nothing less than veterans; and therefore, the kind that you can depend on without any hesitation. They concentrate on quality rather than quantity, which is why they deal with only a small volume of resumes weekly. The review system in this is of extremely high standards, and that is precisely why it takes at least three to five days to complete one effective resume. A lot of time is spent by humans to scan and scrutinize the resume based on the information provided by the individual. Unlike the other service systems, they are always in touch with the client to clarify their doubts. The only downside of this service is its price; they indeed come quite expensive, but when you consider the effectiveness and contentment of using this service, there is no comparison with any other service.

Some of the best resume builders are Resume Genius, Zety, Visme; as for the resume mills, the names worth mentioning are Top Resume, Employment Boost, Resume Spice, etc. And if you are looking for the best resume experts, you ought to go for the services of Resume Master, Find my Profession, the Writing Guru, An Expert Resume, etc.

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There you are, so now you what options are available to you when it comes to putting together the most important introductory document of your career. But for those who think to themselves, “why should I hire someone to write my resume? I can do so myself.” Well, check out these solid reasons why you need to do so.

  1. When you are submitting your resume at numerous job vacancies and not receiving a positive response, surely the resume is falling short in someplace in making that lasting impression on a prospective recruiter.
  2. If you intend to aim at the executive positions or those positions which are extensively competitive, you should have an amazingly impactful resume, and that is achievable only if you hire the experts in the biz.
  3. If you are a novice and handling a resume for the very first time, you should take the assistance of people who are experienced in the art.
  4. Resumes these days always have to go through an ATS before reaching human hands, if you feel that your resume is not equipped to get passed these bots, then you should definitely fall back on experienced people who provide full coverage of designing your resume.
  5. Lastly, if your resume is already more than five years old, it is time you need to edit it and make it more effective. Therefore, there is no point in wasting time thinking, instead act immediately and get yourself the best resume writing service near you.

Contrarily, if you have recently got the resume tailored from a reliable service provider, or if at least 10% of the times you do get an interview call, you can skip considering a resume writing service. However, when you seek the help of resume writing services, there are a few queries you are required to clarify.

  1. Enquire the number of years over which the services claim to have gathered experience.
  2. Enquire if they have composed the resume of someone similar to yours
  3. Enquire how many edit rounds will be conducted on your document
  4. Enquire if they have a sample resume of someone similar to your job profile
  5. Enquire if they assure you of an ATS compliant resume

You could further do your own little research to become absolutely sure that you are going for a genuine and state of the art resume writing service.

  1. Check their existence history – by using the website Whois; you can get to know the date when the particular service provider registered themselves and what is the expiry date. In most cases, the scammers do not bother to register for more than a year and usually go in for different domain names.
  2. Check the reviews – people who have used their services will undoubtedly have opinions about the service that they share in the review segment. Have a look through these; you will definitely get some idea. Google Map, Facebook Page, Just Dial, and similar other websites will show you mass reviews. Among these, the best perhaps is Google Maps as it has developed an algorithm by virtue of which the fake reviews are automatically eradicated. To write a review, an individual must have a valid Gmail account.
  3. Check their potential – just because a specific service is less expensive does not mean that you ought to choose them to do your work. Understanding whether they are competent enough to handle your case should be the basis of your selection. They must be able to
  • answer how many types of resumes are there
  • to suggest to you the most suited kind of resume for you
  • To explain to you how their drafting process works
  • Let you know openly who is going to compose the resume
  • Why and how they are better than their competitors

The moment you think the resume service provider has satisfactorily clarified all these queries of yours, it is only right for you to realize that you are in collaboration with the best of the kind. Additionally, if you see that the reviews provided by the previous clients of these providers are favorable or they have several accreditation and accolades to their name, it works as a reliable sign. Remember one thing always, this is one document where you cannot afford to take any chances, for, after all, it is your career that is at stake here.

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