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What are the Transferable Skills the Recruiters are Seeking

What are the Transferable Skills the Recruiters are SeekingThe first thing a recruiter is interested in, in a prospective employee, is the skills he/she possesses. It is quite obvious that nothing else ought to be of primary interest for an employer, for, after all, they need to get their work done. Now, it is not always possible that you will have every required skill for a particular job; but there’s nothing to sulk. You can have skills that can be transferred; I am talking about transferable skills. Those skills that can be utilized in all industries without any hindrance are referred to as transferable skills. This category of abilities is basically the soft skills, i.e., the personality traits of an individual. In simpler words, these are the behavioral patterns of an individual within a workplace. This is precisely what bothers the hiring managers because they are aware that technical skills can be easily taught to an individual; however, trying to bring about a change in one’s personality is challenging. That is why they prefer checking at the preliminary stages whether the candidate qualifies with the required soft skills.

As a matter of fact, a lot of the employees do not realize that they possess transferable skills. Do you remember a time when you had organized a seminar and conducted it successful? That requires the skill of communication and organization. If you have been able to fill in details of employees in an excel sheet or assisted in the recruitment process in the past; then you are the inheritor of soft skills such as synthesis of data, problem-solving, and decision making. So, you see though you might have been doubting yourself of possessing any skills that can be transferred, you actually own them.

I am thus, listing for you some of the soft skills that can be transferred from one job to another, irrespective of the industry – the transferable skills recruiters generally dig for.

  1. Communication – it does not matter what kind of job you are employed in; being a human, you are a social animal and hence have the need to talk and interact with others around you. Communication is basically the ability to convey your thoughts and ideas to the others within your workplace. It is required not only in times of decision making but also in passing on important messages. This soft skill can be exercised in written, verbal, and non-verbal forms.
  2. Analysis – the analytical skill proves handy for any kind of job; being the boss, you need to be analytical of the situation you are faced with and how you will go about it. Being a manager, you should be efficient in analyzing how you will handle your groups to get the work done on time; and being a worker, you need to analyze how to carry out the task efficiently and within the given time.
  3. Problem solving – if you have the above analytical bent of mind or inculcate it, you move a step forward towards being able to solve the daily problems that you face. Problems are a part of life, and they do not see your standing or status in life; therefore, this soft skill I feel is essential to be mastered by everyone.
  4. Positive attitude – Problem solving can easily be made possible when you have a positive attitude. Optimism is an excellent tool for every individual. Getting flustered, when faced with trials is very easy, but keeping calm and trying to think on positive terms, helps avoid a lot of confusion. With a settled mind things can be easily analyzed and thereby problems solved. Employers seek such employees for it has been found the results produced by a positive thinker are better than the pessimists. Additionally, when you assume a brighter outlook towards every event, then you invariably become open to exploring stuff. This impresses recruiters because then they are sure that they can mold you according to their requirements.
  5. Interpersonal skills – this perhaps deems to be yet another valuable transferable skill. A workplace is most definitely one where you are placed in a diverse circle of people; not having interpersonal skills is harmful, not merely for the people around you, but more importantly for yourself. You do not have the option of not mingling with your co-workers, and in that case, you will have to know how to interact. Most recruiters evaluate this skill during the interview, hence the next time you mention this as a skill you have, be conscious of exhibiting it during the interview. Conflict management is a form of this particular skill, along with listening, empathy, collaboration, mentoring, and a hoard of others.
  6. Leadership/Teamwork – these may not be synonymous, but they do co-exist; the leader of a team, belongs to a team, right? So, whether you are a leader or a member, you have to know how to work in a team. The ability to influence others, or nicely put across your ideas, honesty, negotiation, active listening, respecting others, exuding confidence, delegating tasks, coordinating with the members; are all forms of this skill set.
  7. Time management – an extremely quintessential skill for an employee of any category and field is the knowledge of how to manage time. Time is not something that we can hold back; hence, the only way to make the best use of time is to use it at the right moment. Confused? Well, it means that you know how to allocate time for each task so that there is no deficiency of it.
  8. Creativity – often people misconceive as this being a skill for the arts, but that is far from being true. One cannot be absolutely sure what situation they might have to face; being creative gives you the required confidence to go through these tough times. When an employer finds an individual with this soft skill, they are convinced that this person will be able to pull off any given complication.

The recruiters are on the hunt for the most eligible person for an open position; they, therefore leave no stone unturned and happily accept any individual you have the above skills that can be molded into any kind of workplace.

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