What are Filler Words in a Resume?

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What are Filler Words in a Resume?

What are Filler Words in a Resume

A Resume, as all job seekers well know, is one of the most important documents that need to be produced before the hiring company. This is a peek into your professional life up to the time that you are in front of the recruiter; there remains no doubt hence that your resume must be presented in the best way possible so that it can present you most worthily.

It may come to most people that composing a resume is not rocket science, all you need to do is divide the contents of your information into several sections and throw in the data one by one in the form of a list of bullets. This is a myth. The composition of a resume of any format needs careful analysis and understanding, and most importantly, it involves the proper choice of words.

A recruiter ideally has hundreds of resumes to go through every day once the job description is out for a vacant position in the business entity, making it thoroughly impossible for the recruiter to go through each of the resumes intently. This is the reason they skim through each resume and are on the look-out for certain words which are commonly considered as keywords; this immensely helps a recruiter in saving time. Once their eye catches the exact word, they are looking for they are sure about the names that need to be shortlisted.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of these keywords and end up using what is known as ‘Filler words’. Going by the literal meaning of the phrase, a filler word is that word which is used to merely to fill in space in the document and do not add to the value of it in any way. There are inherently vague words which apply to any applicant in general, as a matter of fact, they act adversely in creating a positive impression on the recruiter.

One of most glaring ‘filler word’ at the onset of a resume can be ‘references available upon request’, every hiring personnel is aware of this fact and surely know that they have to request a reference. Moreover, the applicant does not provide any further detail that will help the recruiter get some information about the candidate. Instead, it is wise to get some references already and provide them at the beginning of the resume to make it an impressive representation of yourself.

‘Detailed Oriented’ is another commonly used filler word which lacks details of the claim made; what is of more consequence to the hirer is detail in which projects or achievements you may have been detailed oriented and how you exercised this particular skill. Next is ‘Experienced’, it is not enough to merely state this, you have to substantiate by saying what areas you are experienced in, whether or not you have certificates or awards to support your statement.

‘Results Driven/Oriented’, this again is a filler word that does not add to the meaning if you have no details of how you can claim to have that skill, unless you back it up with some real-time experiences.

Some other filler words commonly used in resumes are dynamic, energetic, motivated, enthusiastic, Microsoft office, client-friendly. These, unlike common thinking, do not present you in a good light with the hiring company; instead, these are ways that you sell yourself short. As for the adjectives, it is better that you leave it upon the recruiter to decide whether or not you have them in you during the interview. Similarly, since this is a computer-driven world, every recruiter assumes that you have at least the basic computer knowledge and that eliminates the need for you to use valuable space in our resume to emphasize it.

What you need to understand is when it comes to your key skills in a resume, it is always best to give a substantial experience of the same so that the recruiter can comprehend how you employed a particular skill in the past.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article explained to you about “What are Filler Words in a Resume“. Comment below if you have a dilemma in identifying whether you’re using filler word in your resume or not. Also, let us know if you have any other questions.

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