Ways to stay calm during a stressful interview with a hostile interviewer

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Ways to stay calm during a stressful interview with a hostile interviewer

stressful interviewAn interview is a daunting experience, it already loads you with a lot of stress, and if the interviewer turns out to be a hostile one, it adds on to the mental pressure tremendously. But irrespective of what the situation – favourable or unfavourable, you have to give your best and emerge victoriously. The way then, to overcome such a roadblock is to keep your calm and face a stressful interview with a composed mind.

  1. Don’t mimic the interviewer’s pace – you will invariably be nervous during the interview, added to that if and when an interviewer starts bombarding you with questions, you may feel like you have hit a wall. However, do not lose your nerves and try to answer at their speed. Take your time to respond, not by pausing in between, but by answering in the way you had practised. You could even take a few seconds and inhale deep breaths to remain calm.
  2. Maintain a calm tone – it is understandable that the ambience in that interview may not be the best and inviting one, yet you cannot afford to speak in an inappropriate or unexpected manner. You have to stick to your understanding and logic of things while replying yet not exhibit any kind of excitement in your voice. Keep the tone mellowed and respectful while to talk to even the most hostile interviewer you may have ever come across in your life.
  3. Do not let your confidence waver – some people function best under pressure, but there are a few whose confidence get totally battered, and they find themselves absolutely cornered in a stressful interview. But you have to remember that you cannot let the reins of your confidence be in the hands of another person. Confidence is a crucial element during an interview of any type; those who fail to exude confidence in their talk and body language, fail to impress the interviewer at the initial stage. Hence, apart from all the stars, you may have listed in your resume, your confidence will add pace to your winning streak. If you find yourself suddenly crossing your hands or your sitting posture be lowered, rectify immediately. Sit up straight and keep your hand on the table or your lap; else, if you are quiet, your body will do the talking and let them know that your confidence is in a vulnerable status.
  4. Ask the questions – lowering of confidence could land you in a kind of numb or robotic state; where you only concentrate on answering the asked questions correctly. Despite all the pressure, you have to maintain composure and remember to ask the questions you had planned on asking. While you watch what you say, you cannot forget to inquire about the things you need to know to get an idea of the kind of organization you are interviewing at. You have to understand what you would be in for, if you do manage to get selected; so go ahead, keep your inhibitions aside and ask a question or two about the interviewer’s career path, or what kind of job profile he/she holds, or what the company expects out of the position that you are being interviewed for, etc.
  5. Smile and be polite throughout – I know you may be going through the feeling of being trapped in with a monster, yet you simply cannot afford to express the same during the interview. Hold your emotions and feelings and keep that grin intact. Even while you leave, remember to show your courtesies and then exit. However, if you feel way too intimidated by the way you were behaved with at the interview, you can voice your opinion about how you think that you may not be the most appropriate candidate for the job.

It is true that a few companies try to test their potential employee at the interview by making them a participant in a stressful interview. Nonetheless, there are possibilities that the particular company has a similar way of operating at all times; in that case, you have to be aware and not settle for the organization all at once.

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