Ways to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Job Search

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Ways to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Job Search

Ways to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Job Search

You may not be aware that along with your resume, the recruiters, nowadays, go through your LinkedIn profile simultaneously; this is why LinkedIn has become a mandate in the process of job search. If you want to become a magnet for job offers you have to make sure that you have a magnetic LinkedIn profile as well that establishes your online presence conclusively. So, here are ways to make LinkedIn work.

  1. A Decent Profile Picture: since this web account of yours is pertaining to the professional aspect of your life, care should be taken to keep it that way. Use only those photographs that give out positive vibes, as that is one of the first things that any person visiting your profile will look into. Take out any old picture and replace it with a high-quality recent photograph. It needs to be bright and not grainy, and not one that is ages old. The best thing is to click a LinkedIn specific photograph where you look professional and excellent. So while taking that photograph the men can choose to wear a coloured shirt or a suit with a tie, while females could don a fitted top or a blazer. Avoid cropped family photographs; having a good photograph covey to the potential employer that you are serious about getting employed and that you do dedicate time to ensure that you look presentable.
  2. Let the headline do the talking: there are varied opinions on what exactly is an appropriate headline; instead of using vague descriptions, use your job title as your headline. Say for example you are a risk analyst, use that as the headline. The recruiters are easily able to understand what you do and whether you would suit their purposes or not. If you intend to use particular keywords from your field of profession, then do so meticulously, remember your aim is to make a head-turning and engaging profile headline. This is one of the great ways to make LinkedIn work for your job search.
  3. Design a profile summary that tells the recruiter ‘what you can do for him’: not writing a profile summary in a LinkedIn account is not an option, however, when creating it keep in mind, it is not about who is personally, but what you can do professionally. Basically, the employer should know through this short dedicated space what will you bring to the table if they hire you, that makes you stand out from others. Talk about what you can help organizations achieve that enhances their profits and what kind of problems you will be able to solve for them. There ought to be a maximum 3-4 short paragraphs and therefore the greater need to select only those information that is in relevance with the job description and most attractive for hiring managers.
  4. Enumerate your work experience: here, you need to be extra careful of not elaborating too much but at the same time not missing out on important pieces of information pertaining to your achievements. Include the names of the companies, the job titles, the dates of employment, and if you want to include a sentence that explains your experience at each place. A resume ideally does not provide with the space to talk about the experiences in details, LinkedIn is your chance to do so, but be wary of not having any disparity with your resume – the story should be the same in both places. Add your projects and volunteer experiences here; let the recruiters know how strong a candidate your experience shave made you. Your intention is to peak the interests of the employer!
  5. Ask for recommendations: it means that when someone appreciates the way you worked for them, do not hesitate to ask them to put in some words of recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. It is one of the best ways to make LinkedIn work for your job search and substantiate the claims you have already made in your career experience section. One little thing that needs your attention here is to ensure that the recommendations are specific instead of generic; ask the recommenders to use numbers. For instance, saying that you were a great person to work with will not work its magic, but if they say something like “Christine’s contribution to the project helped to increase the sales by 5%”, that is what will make the difference. Also, getting a recommendation from the person who you worked for is worth more value than one from your colleague.
  6. Customise an URL: getting a custom made URL as opposed to the one that LinkedIn assigns to you by default is a better move to make. All you have to do is to click on the Public Profile URL, present at the bottom of the Edit profile Screen that contains your basic information. Then select ‘Edit’ and write in the address you would the viewers to see, and click on ‘Set Custom URL’.

There you are, all set with the best LinkedIn profile one can possibly have. Treat your LinkedIn profile as your resume and make the best of the opportunity to come into the vicinity of potential employers. All the best!

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