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Ways to Include Internship on the Resume

internship on the resumeSince the resume is a document that houses all your experiences and qualifications; you ought to include the details of any work that you have taken up in the past, to quantify your capabilities. Even if it was working as an intern. In short, the answer to a very commonly asked question, viz. “Should I include my internship in my resume?”, is, Yes. There should be a mention of an internship on the resume.

The truth is however small a job maybe it still teaches an individual something or the other; so whether you worked as a full-time employee or an intern, it should not be a matter of concern. What ought to matter is, what skills have you put to use, and results have you obtained out of that. Despite not being a permanent employee at any particular firm, there is no denying the fact that you have gained professional experience out of the associations as an intern. And that is precisely why internship counts within the framework of professional experience and needs to be included in your resume.

As a matter of fact, an internship, sets you apart from other candidates, if it is relevant to the permanent job you are planning to apply for; because you will have the necessary skills for the job already. This becomes more prominent when it is an entry-level job, or the position is open to newcomers in the corporate world. Now that the importance of internship on the resume has been made clear, you also need to know when and how to include it.


If you are a recent college graduate and want to gain some experience as well find out and exercise your skills, then taking up an internship is the ideal thing to do. Trust me you have nothing to lose here, in case, you think it is a waste of time. I would urge you to see it as an investment of time, to prepare yourself better to follow your dream career. As you will have no other experience to put on your resume, an internship experience is undoubtedly going to give you an edge, over the other applicants who are also fresh out of college.

Additionally,  if you are looking to change your career path, taking up an internship job, adds weight to your resume and of course, your experiences. You cannot overlook the kind of competitiveness in the world market; you, therefore, do not have an option but to equip yourself with some uniqueness that will get you noticed. An internship in some other industry apart from your basic qualifications and career history, then becomes a wise step, in the realization of success in your career.

It has further been seen that recruiters are fonder of people who attach value to learning something new, rather than earning fast money. I say this because of the significant difference between a fixed employee and an intern is in the salary they withdraw. Interns come mainly to gain experience even if the pay is low, and that is what impresses an employer. The individual exhibits passion and dedication to learn something new to enhance his/her abilities, thereby winning a good impression of employers. But the bottom line is- make sure that your experience as an intern is of relevance to your career path.


Let us now understand how one should include the internship on the resume.

  1. The first step would be to evaluate – this evaluation is about the time that you had dedicated during the internship and the kind of responsibilities you had fulfilled. To make things easier to assess, make a list of those responsibilities, and tally them with the job description of the position you intend to apply. Accordingly, put the experiences that fall in place with this particular job vacancy; and do not forget to use the keywords of the description while mentioning your internship experience.
  2. Adding an internship is just the same as you would list your other professional history. Put in the job title with the name of the organization or company and the dates for the term you worked. If possible, specify the job title if it has great relevance to the job description; for example, write ‘Marketing Intern’ or ‘Finance Intern.’ Following this, describe your responsibilities, and remember to include the keywords I already spoke about.
  3. Placement of the internship is often towards the end of the resume, but I would suggest you list it in your ‘Work Experience’ section. If your internship seems to have more value than any other paid job that you had, then go ahead and put it in first. However, if the relevance is less, include it later down in the list. In case you have multiple internship experiences, then you can create a separate section for the same. But be careful not to include it in the education section.


Because we are discussing an internship on the resume, I think it is only right to equip you entirely with all the information in sync with it. So, allow me to also enlighten you with when you SHOULD NOT include your internship on the resume.

The primary thought behind the inclusion of your past internship in the resume is, to show the recruiter that you are capable of performing the responsibilities of the position in question. So, as long as you feel that the internship adds value to your efficiency as a professional, let them stay on board. Especially if you want to give a kick start to your career, it is important to substantiate your claims of proficiency in the particular field.

 However, when you have worked for several years and become a veteran, you no longer need to depend on the internship evidence to speak about your abilities. I am sure, through those years, you will have gathered enough knowledge to give proof of your skills. This is when you could consider removing the internship experiences from your resume because they take up a considerable amount of space. Also, since they no longer strengthen your resume, it is best that you do not crowd the resume with this when you can use that space to give some other more vital information than this.

To sum it up, exclude the internship experience when:

  • You have already crossed more than ten years after the internship
  • You have already done a few full-time jobs in the meanwhile
  • The position you want to apply for next and your internships do not have anything in sync.

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