Ways to Create a powerful LinkedIn Profile summary in short time

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Ways to Create a powerful LinkedIn Profile summary in short time

A LinkedIn profile has become as important as your resume in your process of job hunting; unfortunately, not a lot of people are aware of how to create a strong profile summary. In fact, on the contrary, many are found leaving the summary portion as a blank. I want to draw your attention here to the importance and impact the summary of your LinkedIn account has on making you visible to recruiters.

As opposed to a resume, the LinkedIn profile allows you to pitch yourself to various industries of work you are interested in; it appeals to a broader audience and hence devoting some time to carefully tailoring it, is undoubtedly worth the while. I would like to enlighten you with the truth that LinkedIn, particularly uses your profile summary to get you noticed by optimising search results.linkedin profile summary

The recruiters usually search for appropriate candidates by typing in a combination of titles of jobs, skills, etc., while carrying out their hunt. Therefore the use of ‘rich keywords’ is one trick to add strength to your LinkedIn profile summary. Remember to begin as well as end with a bang; this will be your chance of grabbing the attention of all sorts of recruiters.

So, begin your summary with a classic ‘mission statement’, tell them what your motivation is and what is it that you plan to do in your profession. This helps these hiring managers ascertain how suitable you are for any post at their organisation. You can use the mission statement to create a connection between what you have done in the past and what you plan to do in the future.

You have to tell a compelling story about yourself – who you are and what you do- but the twist is you have to do so with completely ‘brevity’. Keep it as sweet, short and straightforward as you can while not compromising in any way the essence of your story. Use the first person narrative to voice your story and make sure it is as authentic as it can be. Keeping in mind what are the highlights of your skills, achievements and experiences, you would have shared in a face to face conversation with a recruiter, is a good way of composing the summary. That is how you can aim at your target accurately. If needed apply the STAR method used in resumes – Situation Time Action Result; this is an excellent way of emphasising on the exact events of your progress, skills and values that you would want to bring to the forefront.

Some other tips to create an emphatic LinkedIn profile summary are :
• Use the bullets to make it crisp and short
• Use plenty of white spaces by creating small paragraphs
• Even the sentences you write ought to be as short as possible so that the reader does not get lost in understanding the idea being conveyed by the time they reach the end of the sentence.
• Back up your achievements with photographs
• Get easily noticed by recruiters by changing the URL of your profile
• Use a decent picture of yourself which caters to the professional world as your profile picture
• Explain the career gaps if there are any
• End with a call to action note, giving your email address or phone number so that you can be approached without a problem

Hope you got the required information to optimize your LinkedIn Profile Summary within a short span. Leave us your feedback by writing to contact@resumemaster.in. Ready to optimize your LinkedIn Profile by hiring an expert? visit https://www.resumemaster.in/resume-services/ and choose LinkedIn Profile Optimisation services.

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