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Virtual Networking – The Need of the HourVirtual Networking – The Need of the Hour

Considering the current situation of a pandemic it is needless to say that everything has reverted to the virtual world – the internet. What was earlier an alternative for the corporate world, has perhaps become the go-to place for all; irrespective of the sector – education, business, medicine, health, and even entertainment. All of it has gone virtual! What then has become the need of the hour – virtual networking.

The nationwide lockdown for all countries indeed made us feel that the world had somewhat come to a standstill, but the truth of the matter is, nothing has entirely stopped. It is just that the medium of operation has altered in most industries. So, if you were looking for a job or even a job shift, don’t hesitate, you can still do so. In fact, if indeed you are a job seeker, now you have to tighten your ropes further.

I had always spoken about networking and promoted it in my previous blogs; because it was necessary for a boost in your career. It is time that you are going to need all of your virtual networking skills now, more than ever before. Now, you can no longer go to conferences or social gatherings where you can expect to meet influential or relevant people of the industry of your interest. Hence, the only option you have left is to gear up your friendships in the virtual world.

You need to grasp the truth that the world has taken a leap into technology and the internet, therefore, everything is now functioning on the web world. There are a number of platforms you can use to get that dream job or at least get in touch with someone who may help you land your dream job.


Whether you are looking for a job fair or a networking event, you can attend them all, with just a click. Type in your requirement to attend one such occasion on Google, and you will get your list of events being organised and how you can attend them. All you have to do is, prepare your physical look, get dressed up and sit in front of your computer or phone screen and meet new and more people through the video conferencing option.

These fairs and events are just like the physical ones you have been to, except for the fact that your movement is limited. You will still get to chat with prospective employers and do your research like you are used to doing, but you have to be a little more alert and patient at the same time. Some of the pointers you ought to keep in mind as a participant of these fairs or events are as follows:

  1. There is no use waiting for someone to begin a conversation; you have to make every second count; hence, keep the hesitation away and go ahead and introduce yourself. There are chat sessions that help you do this with ease.
  2. For the interaction to be devoid of any hiccups, plan your introduction beforehand. You can keep it written anywhere on your computer so that you can copy and paste it instantly without wasting any time. Keep it short and effective.
  3. Keep a few key queries ready at hand. Grab the first opportunity to throw your questions; however, do not hurry too much that it becomes difficult to comprehend what you are saying.
  4. Similar to what you should do in a physical career fair, you should have already carried out your study of which employers are likely to be present there. You surely already know that you should have some idea about the functioning of the business or organisation you are interested in. There is no change in this approach, which is why it is crucial that you are educated about the attending company owners and their businesses.
  5. Hold onto your nerves and keep the light of positivity burning.
  6. Avoid using the regular language, especially abbreviations; it is not appreciated at an even such as this.
  7. Finally, a mandate, keep your resume close. Surely you will not have the opportunity to give a hard copy of the same to them, but in case any employer asks for it, you can mail it to them, even before the event ends. That way they will be able to gauge your inclination to join them.
  8. And never forget to follow up after an event like this, be it real or virtual. It leaves a good impression. To help you do so is another and the platform for virtual networking – LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the number one way to get your networking going is no longer an unknown fact. Now, is the time to make the best use of this internet boon. If you have not already optimised your profile on this site, don’t delay it any further. You’ll be ever grateful for having created an attractive profile on LinkedIn. Connect with more and more people you know personally, and my advice is do not ignore the suggestions made by LinkedIn. These suggestions are given after gathering your data of interests, so it is worth connecting with such individuals, who knows what you might land on your plate.


It is good that you have a LinkedIn profile, but forgetting the other social media podiums is not a wise thing to do. They may not be as formal as the above mentioned, yet they too are likely to impact your job search and career in the long run. Using Twitter and other similar sites as a booster for your profession is not a bad idea. Look out for people who are engaging in conversations on topics of interest. Take a chance and get involved, the people in the conversation realise your take on the subject, and if it happens to be relevant and remarkable, you too shall get marked. Alternatively, you can take the other way round, look out for people you would like to follow or know in the industry of your liking and then connect. Post comments on their posts so that they notice you; however, keep these comments intelligent and positive. Participate in conversations same as them and leave a mark with your feedback. You have to make efforts to get noticed. You could frequently tweet on your topics of affinity, or even follow the hashtags that are closely associated with the industry of your choice.

However, I recommend that you verify the kind of person you intend to connect before you do. You shouldn’t jump the queue and get connected with officials of a higher rank, straightaway. Instead, begin with those who are in the same professional level as you. It is far better than trying to get in contact with the hiring people directly.


Facebook is not just fun and games; there is a lot more to this social media platform than you can imagine. Admittedly, it is a more informal place yet, however, underestimating your personal relations as a means to realize your professional aspirations is not correct. Going live is a rather practised activity on this site, and that is what can grab the attention of the masses. Make videos of activities related to the category of work you want to do.

Instagram is not merely the glamour quotient; it probably can help you propagate yourself quicker than you think. Put in videos of yourself showcasing your skills and knowledge in any particular field of work and expect to get noticed, not just by known people but unknown as well. Here too, you can follow people who you think are doing the same things that you would want to do. Conversations with them through messaging largely helps in expanding your network.

In all these above platforms if ever you have benefitted from any article or information provided by someone in your field of interest, never forget to thank them. In a world that is hardly grateful for anything, showing your gratitude to an absolute stranger is bound to grab the attention. In most cases, they would not even be aware that they have impacted someone’s life, so when you approach them, they are happily surprised. But again do not sugar coat what you say, be genuine and natural, it only increases your chances of recognition.


Since virtual networking is the need of the hour, there is no way that you can goof it up. So, here are the mistakes that you should avoid making to make your networking even more effective.

  1. Networking is something that you always need, irrespective of the fact whether you are currently on a job hunt or not. Remember, it is not a hobby or a leisurely activity; this is something that needs complete dedication and attention at all times. As a matter of fact, those who start networking in a hurry are often likely to make mistakes and waste their opportunity.
  2. Making use of someone – while you are surely taking the help of someone to set up a better career prospect for yourself; it is not acceptable that you make that so obvious to the others around.
  3. Slow your pace – it would be better if you could develop a relationship with someone of the same industry, rather than jumping and asking for a favour directly. Hence, it is always better to know who you want to connect and get a detailed understanding of them and the way they work.
  4. Only take and nothing to give – in every relationship on this planet, there is a give and take relationship. You cannot keep on making favours and not helping in return. You have to be open to helping others as well, whenever they need any kind of help.
  5. Following up is vital – only establishing connections is not going to be enough in your virtual networking. You will have to follow up with the people and keep yourself updated about their posts and tweets. Set a time daily to make these virtual visits, so that you do not miss out on important things.
  6. Do not merely get connected to people whom you think is the level or rank you are looking for. At times, someone with a lower professional status could prove to be helpful. Hence do not segregate people based on this criterion. Treat everyone equally, for you never know when and through who an opportunity might walk into your career.
  7. Not considering about meeting in person – agreed that the internet makes everything readily available at our fingertips, but that does not mean that you never speak or interact with your virtual connection in real-time. Meetings can be arranged again with the help of the internet through conference calls, or video calls; therefore, one ought to practice these methods of getting to know the individual a little better.

All in all, it can be concluded that your online presence acts as the catalyst for your recognition on the virtual plane. Thus, you should do all that is within your ability and rights to be able to engage people in a convincing manner. Retweet their messages, or add a comment on some of their older posts that may have genuinely helped you. You could even ask them a professional question on the open forum so that you catch their attention quickly. Developing your familiarity is pertinent, but with your breaks on. Don’t barge into their profile and stalk them consistently, it does not help, instead aggravates.

Though these relationships may be virtual, yet the input of everyone in the relationship is not different from those in the real world. You will have to invest your time and energy into building and nurturing these relations if you want to keep getting the fruits of this tree of virtual networking. Your aim should be to turn these virtual relations into real ones.

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