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Use these interview tips, if you are an introvert

Use these interview tips, if you are an introvertBeing an introvert is largely disadvantageous, but there is nothing that can be done if you are one of them. Instead of trying to change you as a person, I better use this opportunity to give you some interview tips that you could put to action to secure a job offer for yourself. And then, maybe after mingling around with people of all sorts, you turn around and become a more social person, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

People and especially if they are strangers are not among the most welcome things when we talk about introverts, they have a natural tendency of aversion from any interaction. It can be easily understood how dreadful facing an interview must be for them. While, this is the truth, having a career to sustain oneself, is another truth that cannot be denied or overlooked as well. So, if you happen to be one who prefers solitude and staying away from having conversations, you have no other choice but to muster up the courage and face the tiger in the eye. However, I am supplying you with some guidelines, which will serve as helpful to encounter, perhaps the greatest challenge of your life.

  1. Preparation – this is of supreme importance for an introvert; you have no other alternative than to practice what you would do at an interview as many times as possible before the ‘D day’. Make the internet your best friend while you are getting ready to land a job; in all of the following, you can get enough and more information, so use it to your advantage.
  2. Research the company – your foremost step in the preparation process is to know about the company that you are going to appear for an interview at; the more you know about them – the way they function, their company ethics, etc. the more confident you get. Look up the reviews of the company, their web page and educate yourself as much as you can about them so that you can show them how your capabilities and their business aspirations are in complete sync.
  3. Prepare your answers for the commonly asked questions – while you are still surfing the internet for information on the prospective organization, take some more time to go through the frequently asked interview questions. Also read through the sample answers, to get an idea of how the talking is done. You do not have to mimic the same, but just get a hunch of how to respond.
  4. Prepare for small talk – small talk refers to the little conversations held in between the introductions and the proper interview questions. Your talk could be a note of praise of the company or simply about the weather; so, have that handy as well by preparing it beforehand. Do not forget that the first impressions do matter a lot, even these little things make a world of difference; hence make the best of these moments to build a rapport with the interviewer, before the interview goes on full throttle.
  5. Schedule your interview day judiciously– assuming that you do not belong to the category of people who loves socializing and prefers spending a lot of time alone, more than one interview a day, may take its toll on you. Therefore, plan your day strategically, ensure that you have enough time before as well as after your interview. If possible take the day off from your work, if you are already employed, to get some ‘me’ time afore the interview so that you can gather yourself and make your optimum self available for this vital meeting. But let me remind you that this ‘me’ time is not to stay in solitude and increase your nervousness with unnecessary apprehensions; instead, use these moments to calm your nerves.
  6. Don’t sell yourself short – one among the interview tips that carries a lot of weight, but not, however, just for an interview, is to never underestimate yourself. I, in fact, recommend you keep this in mind wherever you go and whoever you meet. Never consider yourself to be anything less than others, just because you are not as open as the majority of the masses. Being an introvert does not make you a dull person, on the contrary, it has been found that such people are much more focused on whatever they do as opposed to the more friendly lot. Thus, when in an interview, highlight your strengths and speak about your skill sets that will bring value to the organization. And in order to do that, you will have to work on recognizing your strengths during your prepping up. Recall your achievements of the past, where you have outshone others by being perseverant and pursuing a project until you made sure that you had a favourable outcome. Reiterate such episodes and show how your introvert quality of dwelling over a problem intently helped to get a solution to it, where all the others had given up.
  7. Get someone to guide you – hiring a coach for the interview is an especially good idea if you happen to be an introvert; he/she will be able to tell you what all you may expect and how you can handle those things adeptly.

While it is always your strengths that become the topic of discussion at an interview, nevertheless, you should be in terms with reality. In other words, being aware of your drawbacks is as important, for you never know when your interview might throw you a question that encircles one of your weaknesses. But my advice to you here is, do not let your blind spots rule you, rise above them, and have the tactic of deviating the topic towards a more progressive direction. You may and will receive a lot of suggestion from the people around you, but perhaps the most crucial of all the interview tips is upholding your confidence at all times. Your belief in yourself and your abilities should be the foundation of your preparations and the final appearance at an interview; hence work on that area the most. With your best self forward, even the most harrowing experience as an introvert can turn into a pleasant and knowledgeable experience.

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