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Top Soft Skills Hiring Managers Look For

Impressing a hiring manager is not an easy job, you may well possess the highest degree in a particular subject along with multiple certificates for specialisation in specific fields, yet something always seems to go wrong, and you fail to bag that job. The reason perhaps is your soft skills. A recruiter will always look for someone who can fit into the new environment and work in a way that produces optimum results for the company; and whether you like it or not it is your soft skills hiring managers look for.Top Soft Skills Hiring Managers Look For

You might be questioning why are the soft skills required when you are highly qualified? If you try to understand the situation at a workplace carefully, you will realise in order to be able to exhibit your knowledge in any particular case; you will need to communicate and explain to the others. So, though you may be the owner of immense technical expertise you will have to be the possessor of such soft skills as well; else all your capabilities remain bottled up and are never revealed for the benefit of the company.

Now, there are certain distinct soft skills hiring managers look for when they interview prospective candidates for the position being offered. The list below will equip with this knowledge and make you a little more prepared for your professional life, read closely.

  1. Confidence: whenever you are placed in an alien situation that which gives you the drive to move forward is your confidence. In a workplace, you will be faced with many unfamiliar situations; a recruiter needs to know that you will not shy away and face it with complete confidence, whether it is to learn something new or to solve a particular problem.
  2. Problem Solving: when you are confident enough, you will know how to solve a problem. When you are an employee, especially, when you are in a managerial position and leading a team, you will invariably have to solve any sort of problem that comes your way. Your ability to solve problems consequently makes you capable of being a good judge. It is because you have remarkable discernment skills that you are successfully solving problems.  Employees such as these,  are invaluable to an organisation and are therefore sought after by recruiters.
  3. Adaptability: also called as flexibility by certain hiring managers, is one soft skill that is essentially looked for in an employee; in fact, it is one of the vital skills that an employee is expected to have. That change is the only constant, is a universal truth, and hence it is but inevitable that there will be changes within the working of a company. Your ability to suit yourself to those changes gives you the opportunity to make the working place a comfortable place of work. This makes you a person with tenacity, yet another soft skill recruiters look for. When you can survive under any situation, it proves that you are always ready to take up challenges and therefore, gives you an edge over others to be selected.
  4. Communication: knowing how to communicate your thoughts and ideas is mandatory for your profession. Being merely, the owner of exceptional technical skills is not sufficient if you do not back it up with soft skills such as this.
  5. Optimism: Donning a positive attitude is just like the propeller of a ship when you think positively, you will be open to taking on challenges, or anything else that comes your way. Your optimism helps you to keep focused on achieving the best, researches reveal, that it is a contagious attribute which effectively spreads the same attitude among all other workers around you. And that is why this is considered as one of the soft skills hiring managers look for.
  6. Authenticity: recruiters prefer someone who is authentic because it is only when you are comfortable being yourself, will you be able to accept others as they are; and this is an essential element the place you work at is one of diversity. If an employee is not able to accept his/her co-worker for what they are, the chances of disparity increase, and in the bid what suffers is the production of work. So when talking about yourself in an interview, avoid bragging and showing off what you have, instead be humble and down-to-earth when revealing your accomplishments, even though they may be far-fetched.
  7. Integrity: finally, being committed and having integrity towards your work and the organisation you will be working for, plays a pivotal role in your selection process. Hiring managers believe, the person who does feel any sense of belonging to the company they are working for, he/she can easily jump ships and will prove to be detrimental to the goodwill of the company. They are instead willing to hire individuals who are dedicated and consider the job a part of themselves and not just something that they have to do as a part of their daily routine.

So, now you know that getting your degrees and diplomas will not be enough to bag a job for yourself; it is your soft skills that the recruiters are most interested in. Comment below if you have any questions or to share your views.

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