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Top 5 Signs of a Bad Company to Work for

signs of a bad company

Getting the call for an interview seems like one more step ahead in getting that job you have been long waiting for; the adrenalin rush is so high that your entire focus shifts to how you can crack the interview and bag the job. But……”fortunate are those who get a good job and an equally good company to work in”.  Yes, it’s true; and precisely why you need to know the signs of a bad company.

Vague job description

  • Morning shows the day – if the first step of being associated with a particular company, its job description, has glitches, it is evident that this is not the place you want to be working. It is foolish to go ahead for an interview to a place when you do not understand the responsibilities of the position offered, clearly.

The Interview Seems Quirky

  • Traditionally your interview should be scheduled with your potential manager or the head of the department they are supposed to be working with, in the future. Some companies step down from doing so.
  • The interview is repeatedly re-scheduled, and you ultimately find out that they have hired someone else without even conducting the interview

The policies seem unacceptable

  • If you find that the company follows a no-reference policy then its time you should consider whether you are in the right place or not. By this policy, the employees do not get the privilege of getting a referral letter, even if they have worked very hard and contributed immensely to the profits of the company. Also if you happen to be just joining this new office, they will not accept any reference letter from your former manager, which is unfair for someone who rightly deserves praise.
  • A no-moonlighting policy company is again one of the signs of a bad company, by this the company makes you sign a contract that you cannot take up another part-time job while being an employee with them. Ideally, they should not be having any issues if you regularly attend to your responsibilities and duties, but if they do have an objection in this regard, it’s better to stay away

Glimpse of disrespect

  • During the interview, if you get the feeling that your interviewer is talking you down, that should be a sign for dismissal of this company from your list.
  • As mentioned earlier if they keep re-scheduling the interviews and do not bother about informing you, it is a matter of disregard and a reason for not wanting to work in such a company.
  • If you hear the words ‘you are lucky to be working’, beware that the work culture out here thrives on bullying the newcomers and marginalised. That’s not a healthy place to work in for sure.
  • When the employees gather around in small groups to backbite about some other employee, it reveals an extremely unhealthy relation among the co-workers and disrespect for each. There can never be any team spirit in such a company, and you might feel lost among all those negativities.
  • Each individual is only as good as his/her grade in the workplace, that means those in the lower level are always downtrodden and looked down upon. There does not exist respect for anyone; instead, they are ranked.

Communication gap

  • For any organisation to bloom, proper communication tops the pre-requisites; in fact, it is one of the soft skills that recruiters look for in every potential candidate. When a company fails to maintain this key element, there is bound to be plenty of problems existing in that place. The corporate culture seems then seems to be non-existent.
  • You do not get any feedback for your performance at regular interval but whenever you do, all of a sudden, it is mostly harsh, rude and devoid any appreciation.

If you can sense any of these above, know that it is among the signs of a bad company, don’t make the mistake of delaying in leaving such a place.

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