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Top 5 Methods to Avoid Unemployment Depression

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Top 5 Methods to Avoid Unemployment Depressionavoid unemployment depression

Among the innumerable things that take away one’s peace of mind and happiness is, prolonged unemployment. The jobless blues often get the better of you, and you end up in a depressive state of mind; but it is never a healthy thing – not for you, not for your career. You have to know how to give yourself that extra push to avoid unemployment depression, considering how hazardous it is for you.

I understand that it is easier said than done, yet I know that nothing in this world is impossible to attain, if you have the passion for doing it. Inevitably, not having a job lowers the morale of an individual considerably, yet drowning in its grief is not the thing a wise person would indulge in. If you are a fighter, you will shirk off the feeling of emptiness and get involved in more productive works.

  • Acceptance is the key to the much-desired peace of mind, no matter what the situation learn to accept it as it is, it immediately lightens your burden. Stop dwelling on what is not working, instead focus on moulding yourself and the other necessary things to take your life forward, such as getting training or a certificate in some new skill. Sulking all day, with a popcorn bucket in front of the television, is a sign of the wasters; bring your life back on track by chalking out a healthy routine, and following the schedule religiously.
  • Exercise, yoga or meditation is a tool that you may want to employ to get out of all the negative thoughts and feelings. This is an excellent means of releasing the negative vibes – stress creating toxins from the body. Staying in shape instils a feel-good factor, encouraging one to do more things with enthusiasm than merely sitting at home. Join various groups that interest you, maybe a sports club of the game you enjoy playing the most or a support group. This serves dually – one, it gives scope for recreation and two, it allows you to mix around with different people, where there is an exchange of information and knowledge. It may happen that you get to know of some job opening through socialising with these people.
  • Think productive and act accordingly, use this time to your advantage. The internet can be of immense help in this regard, research on your line of work, update and upgrade yourself as well as your knowledge. Be useful to others who do not require a resume but would be more than happy to get your assistance in some odd work. Volunteering with various organisations, makes you feel satisfied and happy and simultaneously keep your soft skills alive. Added to that, the self-esteem that may have suffered a jolt owing to the loss of a job is boosted as you feel wanted and useful. Maintaining a job-search journal is a suitable method too; it renders you to be organised and focused on getting a job. You can keep track of the calls you made, the number of companies you sent your resume to, the job opportunities you discover and also the people you may have come in contact with during the process through social networking sites.
  • Do not stay alone – it is a natural tendency to close oneself in a room day in day out when one is not in a good emotional state, but that worsens the situation. To avoid unemployment depression, it is best to let yourself out and stick around with people for as long as possible. It helps you to stop thinking of what did not work out. So build relations and while you do this, don’t just listen, you have to talk and also tell people that you are unemployed. The more people know of it the more chances of you getting information about available job opportunities.
  • Get professional help – once you have said your goodbye to the depression, pick yourself up and walk up to someone who can guide you professionally. Ask them how your skills and knowledge can be best put to use. If you cannot directly approach someone like that, talk to a family member or someone whom you are close with, and request them to help you out in looking for professional help. If you think you do cannot afford such counselling, look out for the charitable institutions that offer such advice for free.

These above methods come to aid when you are trying to avoid unemployment depression, but what I would suggest is make hay while the sun shines. I mean to say, during the time that you are employed do not invest all your energy and emotions solely into it, keep space for other things in your life too. Maintaining a work-life balance acts as insurance, in case someday you lose a job, you do not get psychologically muddled and feel useless at the want of something to do. Family, friends and community must have a visible place in your life, do not let your work consume you entirely. Persevere, seek inspiration but do not linger long in the valleys of depression, let you lose track of your real life.

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