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The Guidance Is What You Need To Kickstart Your Career | Career Counselling

Career CounsellingAs soon as your college is done, career is the thing of primary importance on the mind of most graduates. Unfortunately, however, though most individuals know what their professional dream or aspiration, yet they do not know how to reach it. Family members and friends are always making their suggestions, but still, that does not seem to bring any clarity. It is at times like these that career counselling is the best medicine.

The world of employment is like an endless ocean. Right before your eyes, you see people practising numerous different types of profession, in fact, more and more new industries and forms of service are evolving almost every day. Settling down for one among so many is a challenging task. The part that bothers one most at this point in life is how they can ascertain that the option they finally select is the most appropriate for them.

To untangle this confusion, seeking the guidance of a professional is the wisest thing to do. The mentor or the coach administering the counselling of your career helps you identify your industry of interest correctly. It is essential to add here that this kind of counselling is not only restricted to the newbies of the corporate world. You can and should avail of this if and when you think it is necessary; for instance, people who either want to change their career or need to start it again after an employment gap. It is your handyman for as long as you wish to be employed.

Self-assessment and self-analysis are among the methods that a counsellor uses during a session of career counselling. They help one understand what his/her areas of strength and aptitude are and accordingly suggests the industries that can be approached for employment. Your career path is taken care of in the right direction based on your aptitude, personality, and needs, adeptly, when you have an experienced career counsellor by your side.

Let me give you a few good reasons why you should make use of this tool optimally.

  1.  It helps pinpoint not just your strengths but your weaknesses as well.– A few tests are conducted pertaining to your personality, IQ, and areas of interest. Based on these, the counsellor can decipher the inclination you have towards a particular industry and the ensuing career path you ought to undertake. These tests prove helpful down the career lane; and since you get to know your weak points too, you are in a position to rectify them or make amends, so that they do not hinder your progress at any point in time.
  2. It helps you set goals– in other words; you get to make informed choices about your career. The counsellor is instrumental in understanding the pros and cons of specific industries, thereby helping you make correct choices. There are times where you may have a certain career in mind that you have always wanted to take up. However, when you get to know the disadvantages that the path of employment contains through career counselling, you may change your mind and consequently plan otherwise.
  3. It helps you plan– the identification phase is followed by the planning phase, wherein, the industries are shortlisted, and the counsellor makes suggestions of how you should pursue a career in that direction. That is to say, how your resume needs to be designed, whether or not you need to take any entrance examinations, what the eligibility criteria are of the concerned profession, etc.
  4.  It helps you explore­– if you find that the one career you had been harbouring on for so long, is not suited to your requirements, the counsellor helps you explore other options. This prevents you from feeling lost and channelizing your energy in the more lucrative alternative; it keeps the flame of your confidence burning, but this time in a new direction.
  5.  It helps you create a brand– not many people realize the extent of help career counselling makes available to them. If you can get the guidance of an adept counsellor, this is another perk you will be able to enjoy. Branding is something that every employer is always appreciative of and respects. The counsellor will teach you how you should sell yourself in the corporate world and establish yourself as indispensable.
  6.  It gives you job satisfaction– who would not want to be employed and be happy at the same time. When you take the help of a career counsellor, this is something you can expect to materialize without fail. It is made possible because of the in-depth analysis done by weighing out every aspect of a particular industry and career path suited to you. So ultimately you land in the form of employment which entails with it complete satisfaction.

The primary aim of any career counsellor is to make sure that his/her client is able to identify the perfect career path for themselves so that the skills of the individual are put to optimal use because of which they will eventually emerge successful professionals.

Thus, you now know how important career counselling is and what kind of leverage it can give your professional life. It is because of this that I think a little guidance is what you need to kick start your career.

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