The 5 Best Questions to Ask an Interviewer

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The 5 Best Questions to Ask an Interviewer

best questions to ask an interviewer

An interview is not just about the interviewer asking throwing questions at you one after another, yet because the nervousness is so high, the focus gets limited to how well you are able to answer the questions and perhaps get the job. An interview also entails with it the queries of the one being interviewed, this becomes your chance to clear all your doubts and take a decision, whether or not you would want to be associated with this if you get the offer letter. But that can only be done when you know which are the best questions to ask an interviewer, so, here they are:

  1. “Can you tell me something about the work culture here?” – knowing about how people work in a particular workplace before entering is crucial for you to decide whether you share the same values as them. It gives you a direction of thought to asses if you will be able to fit into the place or not. Say of the competition at this place is extremely tight and you are better off working in a more relaxed and friendly environment, then this may not be your first choice of a job if you have another option.
  2. “What are your expectations of a person in this role in the first six months or a year?” or “what was the difference between the individuals who worked previously for this role in being good and in better?” this makes it clear for you as to what will be expected of you at this position, and judge if it is achievable or does the company harbour unrealistic goals. Contrary to this if you are someone who is ready to dive into anything to achieve goals and the company is not as upbeat as you, then probably you will miss the enthusiasm of working and eventually not achieve your personal professional aims. An answer to this question gives you an insight into the mind of the interviewer.
  3. “Is there anything in my resume that makes you doubt if I eligible for the position or not?”this makes one of the best questions to ask an interviewer because it conveys your interest in joining this new bandwagon, and acts as a positive response for the interviewer to see how committed and concerned you are.
  4. “What are the next steps to this interview?” or “What’s your timeline for the next steps?” – on asking in a first way the response is only limited to what they are planning to do after the interview; however, putting the question a little differently as the second one, clears the haze of by when can you expect them to take the next step. In a way, you are not left wondering and agonizing after some days of the interview whether you should have received a reply from the company by then. When they do reveal to you a time frame by which they plan to get back to you, and you notice that they haven’t done as said, you have the scope to approach and show your interest in getting a positive response.
  5. “Why do you like working here?” it may seem to be a bit daring to ask the interviewer why he/she likes that company, but trust me it is one of the best questions to ask an interviewer, because based on the reaction of the interviewer you will be able to gauge the working environment. If there is a ring of happiness and enthusiasm in the tone then it gives the impression that all the people working here are happy with the way the workplace functions. But if you notice a long pause before the interviewer starts answering it, then that’s a red flag for you to identify.

Asking a few questions does not put you in a negative light afore the interviewer, so grab the opportunity and make the best use of it.

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