The 10 Biggest Job Seeking Mistakes of C-Level Candidates

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The 10 Biggest Job Seeking Mistakes of C-Level Candidates

mistakes of C-level candidatesTo look for a job, you do not always have to be unemployed; you can and may seek better opportunities if you feel the current one is not satisfactory. This is why even those professionals belonging to the C-level search for new jobs but unfortunately they too make mistakes. So, if you are a C-level candidate and on the hunt for a job, here are some of the common mistakes of C-level candidates looking for employment; know them and remember to avert them.

  1. Overconfidence of knowing it – the world is changing every second; hence no one on this planet knows everything. Even though you have gathered experience of so many years, there are avenues you have to traverse for the first time. You cannot afford to forego the basics and consider that you will definitely get a job the instance your interview is done. If you are thinking on these lines, then my dear friend you need a reality check. The fact is you will have to go through the grind all over again. Figure out for yourself which are the companies you are targeting, what is the exact position you are looking for, what would be your strategy?
  2. Not having a strategy – mere skills and tactics will not help you get that job for yourself, you will have to use a strategy. You might be having the updated resume on LinkedIn as your tactics, but that alone will not help you people understand what you are on the search for; you will have to approach people and carry on with your networking. This networking should not be done to increase the number of contacts; instead, it ought to be done to make relations. When you decide to make calls to take the networking forward, prep yourself well to maintain consistency in the story of your professional life.
  3. Not having humility – during an interview, one of the rampant mistakes of C-level candidates is they forget they are sitting on the job-seekers seat and not the recruiters, so humility should be the key. Being confident does not mean you cannot be polite; again you do not have to overtly submissive as it will reflect your personality as lacking in confidence. Ask the right questions that any newcomer also asks during an interview, and weigh for yourself how much of a boost this particular position will render to your career goals. You should make sure you have both things in the right proportion, and put your best self forward.
  4. Not keeping yourself second to the company – though you may have the experience card to play, yet the rule of the game is still the same – the company comes first. It is not about what you want but about what they require. When you are looking for a job, you have considered yourself to be like water that takes the shape of the tumbler in which it is poured. You have to understand the needs of the position available and accordingly groom yourself to it, inculcate or eradicate things from your professional behaviour as may be wanting. Your queries are essential, but the intention of the interview is not just answering those, instead also letting the recruiter know what you are going to bring to the table. Remember, many others could fill the exact position as you, so you have to make yourself appear an indispensable and the best choice for the organization.
  5. Having high expectations – you may be telling yourself that it won’t take long for you to bag a new and better position with your kind of experience, but it is a misconception you are harnessing. It is always good to stay motivated but not by accelerating your expectations. So be prepared to face rejection and delay in the process; instead during the waiting time prepare yourself well for interviews and your future professional plans. Volunteer with some NGO and spend your time fruitfully that you will happily be able to add to your resume.

Now, that you know what you have to avoid doing, here is a list of all the things that you should do when attempting to finding a job.

  • Compose a properly organized story of your career
  • Strategies
  • Remember to consider every interview faced, and recruiter met to be an opportunity
  • Build professional relations even if you do get the position at a particular organization
  • Do not call and approach anyone randomly, instead use your contacts and place your humble requests
  • Maintain a balance between the queries you have and giving information about yourself

I am confident that an approach in the above-given direction will keep the mistakes of C-level candidates at bay.

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