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Tackling the Tricky Interview Questions

Tackling the Tricky Interview QuestionsAn interview cannot and should be faced without any prior preparation, owing to the simple fact that you will never know what is in store for you. It is like any other examination you appear for; though you know the syllabus, you do not know what exactly you will be asked. It often happens that you know the answer to a particular question; however, a slight change in the pattern of the question may leave you flustered. The same happens at interviews – there are a few tricky interview questions that can get you ‘bowled out.’

This blog will give you an insight into those probable questions that could be a little dicey, and the way you can attempt at answering them. Now, first up you need to know what does it profit a recruiter to ask you such tricky questions. Being aware of this will help you frame your answers as per the requirement of the employer.

Any potential recruiter will want to test you to the extreme level, in order to ascertain that you are the one they are looking for. It is of utmost importance to him that he has selected the most appropriate candidate for the open position. If he does not do so, it will be none other than him who will be face the consequences in the long run. While some of these questions are quite easy and pleasant to answer such as, ”tell me about your greatest achievement?”, some others put you in an awkward position such as, “Why were you fired from your last job?”. But you should know that the aim of all of these questions is to try to get to know you professionally.

In the bid to test you further, the tricky interview questions are thrown at you. But when you are prepared with the answers to some of these, your nervousness is considerably reduced. Some of such questions are as follows:

  • Tell me about yourself – this might seem to be the easiest question put at an interview, but while answering it, you will realize the level of difficulty. The problem with this is that you know everything about yourself, and that is what makes it hard for you to decide what all you should say and what you may omit. Experts say the best way to approach this query is to tend to the time frames of your life. Begin with your present, the kind of position you have handled recently. Following this, talk about your past and finish off the answer by giving a glimpse of what you intend to do in the future.
  • Why do you want to join this company?” – this is an extremely crafty question that can leave you thinking for hours and yet you may not be able to design an answer. It is pertinent to be cautious in giving a fitting response to this query; a slight mistake could cost you your chance of winning the position. There could be several reasons why you are bent on taking this job up, but you do not have to be completely open about all of those blatantly. I am not asking you to be dishonest, but at the same time, know how to discern between what ought to be said and what ought to be left out. Before strategizing your reply to this, remember to conduct your study of the company. Accordingly, frame the answer wherein you show your path of career to be crossing the organization’s open position. You will aim to show them that your skills are what they require to carry on the responsibilities of the vacant position effectively.
  • Tell me an instance when you experienced failure – yet another tricky interview question that can move you considerably. Preparation is the key to being able to face the question with confidence. Hence, when you prepare for this response, understand that everyone is susceptible to failure. Even the person interviewing you at the moment has failed at some point in time in their life. So, there is no need to be apprehensive of what they would think of you when you told them the story when you did not succeed. The actual purpose of putting such a question before a candidate is not to make him/her feel uncomfortable and lose their guard. They want to know how you had faced that situation and all that you did to emerge victorious of it. This gives them an insight into your functioning as a professional, and that is important to them. Therefore, without hesitation, use your storytelling skill, use the STAR method, and impress your potential employer.
  • What’s your biggest weakness?” – I am sure no one wants people to count their shortcomings, but one of the first steps to success is to acknowledge your weaknesses and work on overcoming them. The recruiters too are interested in comprehending your self-awareness, which is an indispensable tool to propel yourself into winning situations. The way to respond to this is not by merely listing the drawbacks, but by backing them up. Let the employers know how you are trying to work upon them to make them inconsequential to your growth as a professional.
  • Why are you leaving your current job?” – this happens to be one of the most direct insights into your professionalism. The reason why you would want to quit an already available position at a company can clearly point out what your thought processes are about the functioning of an organization. In other words, what exactly are your work ethics? You may have had the worst of experiences at this current workplace, but your answer should never comprise of any negative remarks about the boss or the company. Using phrases like “my Boss is not good,” “the company is not up to the mark,” etc. are never to be made a part of your answer. Remember finding fault with others does not necessarily put you in a good light. Instead, talk about how the present company does not make you feel challenged enough and that you are now ready to take on tougher challenges.
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now – certainly no company would want an employee whose career goals do not include the kind of work that this company offers. Because, in that case, the employee will definitely jump boards and may even ghost the company; job ghosting seems to be surfacing a lot these days. Hence this particular query is put to gauge the kind of dedication an employee would put into their responsibilities; reinstating that they are the most suitable for the position. Now, while answering it, do not become unrealistic and tell me that you see yourself in the same company even after five years. They are aware that changing jobs has now become a common practice. Instead tell them that you see yourself within the same realm of work, however, with the upgraded abilities to fulfil greater responsibilities. Your commitment and constant self-motivation to improve will become apparent and surely please them.
  • Is this position in line with the others you are applying for?”there are more than one reasons why an interviewer would ask you this. First, they want to know if you are applying elsewhere. Second, they want to know your views about other companies, as in how you judge them. And third, they are trying to figure out what your strongest skill is so that they can be absolutely sure that you are a perfect fit for the role. This certainly is one of the best tricky interview questions. You have to be very careful that you do not mention the name of the companies you applied in, yet simultaneously truthfully accept the fact that you are looking at other options. But do mention that you have not yet decided which is the best suited for your career development and realization of your career goals. However, the job description of this company seems to be the most closely synced with your career aspirations, and that is why it interests you so much.
  • Which part of the job description is the most challenging for you? – taking a cue from the previous response, the interviewer may want to take you deeper into the waters by bluntly asking what exactly makes you feel that this is a challenging job. They want to test the experience level if you have claimed to have one and verify if your strengths do align with the description, for real. In your answer to this, bring forward your existing skills which are relevant to the job you applied for. Add to it that you are looking for an upgraded level of work, and that is precisely what this position offers. For example, if you are a graphics designer, you could say that your skills in logo and advertisements are exceptional; however, the part of web designing that this role offers deems challenging to you and intrigues you to take it up.

Focus on these most important and frequently asked interview questions with traps, and you will become an adept in tackling the tricky interview questions.

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