Tackling the “Short and Long-term Goals” Question during interview

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Tackling the “Short and Long-term Goals” Question during interview

short and long-term goals question

When you were in school and college, by the end of the term you had to be prepared for tests; but there is a little twist when you are in the world of earning for yourself. Here you are allowed to enter only after you have passed the test, and this test is known by the name of ‘Interview’. If you have already faced an interview you will know it is nothing less than an examination; you even feel the same butterflies in your stomach as you would just before appearing for a test. Therefore, similar to being prepared for examinations, you have to be thoroughly prepared for your interview, and the best way to do that is to be ready with some of the most often asked questions. Of this, the short and long-term goals question is one that you can surely expect.

From a recruiter’s point of view, it is but obvious that he/she will be looking for someone with zeal and enthusiasm to work. And that is precisely why they throw this question at the person being interviewed. This piece of information is vital to them for the good of the company because a person without a driving force in life will never be able to deliver the best quality of work. Now, that you know why this query is made, here are the ways of tackling the “Short and Long-term Goals” question during an interview.

Be Confident – your confidence is half the battle won, as a person facing an interview you ought to be prepared for all sorts of questions; especially the ones like this, which are directly associated to the decision making process of the recruiter. Your confidence will be boosted with you have done your homework of rehearsing the answers to some of these stipulated questions.

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Be Smart– answering the short and long-term goals question needs a lot of tact and smartness; keep your answer in sync with the interests and needs of the company. For this, the job description you had seen while applying for the position will act as your help. Go through it carefully and note down the points that you can associate your short term goals with. The company’s mission statement could be your deal breaker, before going to the interview go through the company’s website and try to figure out what are their intentions in business, based on this prepare your answer taking a cue from the job description.

Relate the two– keep your answer logical and belief-worthy, that is to say, that there should be a relation between your short term and long term goals. For instance, your short term goal could be to inculcate new skills and this will be in accordance with your long term goal of reaching a managerial position and handling more significant assignments.

Do not Exxagerate – showing enthusiasm is acceptable but over-enthusiasm is undoubtedly negative. Keep the cap of humility on and make your replies with brevity and preciseness; saying only as much as is required and not getting overexcited and rambling off things that are unnecessary. This displays your low confidence.

Reveal your intentions – an almost sure way of turning an interview in your favour is to let the hiring people know that you are looking for long-term goals, i.e., you want to be associated with a stable company as theirs for a long time, climb the ladder of success along with them.

Remember, there is no right or wrong when trying to answer short and long-term goals question because every individual has a different personality, a different set of beliefs and different skills. So, all you got to do is prep yourself well and give it your best shot.

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