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Streamline your Job Hunt – Target the Employer

target the employerIn a world that is as competitive as the present one, finding a form of employment is definitely one of the most daunting tasks. This is perhaps why people are continually looking for ways and means that can pacify this mammoth task. Among the several strategies devised for a job hunt, to target the employer indeed turns out to be lucrative.

Considering the present corporate scenario, it is hardly wise to be picky and choosy, for as they say, “beggars can’t be choosers.” Yet I would advocate that individuals ought to be selective, owing to the fact that no one wants to keep jumping ships every once in a while. I am sure you would agree that it is convenient to cling onto the same board for a long time if it gives you enough satisfaction professionally. Hence, you should streamline your job hunt by setting an eye on the exact employer you wish to be employed by. But let me warn you, it won’t be a cake-walk.

  1. Identify your inclination: To dig out the employer of your choice, you will first need to identify the sector in which you have a propensity to work. It is true that, at times, it feels that you should just take up any available job. However, though, it may seem to be solving your problems initially, yet after a point of time, it tends to become a burden. It is, therefore, always best to get employed in an industry that keeps you happy and satisfied as a professional.
  2. Hook onto a theme: every individual is endowed with specific skills and abilities; in short, you have a brand of your own. Hence think of your personal brand and based on that look for employers that seem to meet your image. Throwing your hand all over the place is not going to help, what you need to do; thus, is narrow it down. Your resume should be a customized one, one that is designed by keeping the keywords of the job description in mind.
  3. Put on your research glasses: a mandate on your itinerary list when on a job hunt is carrying out a research. The internet is your best friend in this regard — lookup for the best companies in the category of interest. Glassdoor, Forbes, are sites that can help you with a list of such companies that match your requirements, look through them, and make a shorter list of the names that come closest to your needs.
  4. Fall back on LinkedIn: time, and again I have mentioned in my blogs of LinkedIn being a quintessential element in the job search process. Here, too, it plays a vital role and will prove to be of immense help. You may have a contact or two on your profile who are employed in the same industry you wish to join; look up their profiles and check out the companies where they work.
  5. Network: yet another all-time crucial activity for a job hunt is honing your networking skills. To target the employer, you have to use your connections; get in touch with all your friends, their friends, colleagues, ex-employers, college alumni. Basically, the more extensive your network, the higher your chances of getting to know the best employers in the category of your choice.
  6. Shorten the list – when you are completely satisfied with the names of companies that are there on your list, you have to look through it again and bring down the names to only a select few.
  7. Aim for your target – taking the final names one at a time, visit their websites and learn about them as much as you can. Simultaneously you will be able to comprehend whether the company is suited to their interests. Here again, you may take the aid of LinkedIn from their section” LinkedIn Companies.” After completing this verification, you will find that your list has further shortened.

Now that you have the ultimate company names, it is time you approach them and put in your resume for their perusal. Your mission to target the employer has been accomplished!

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