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Steps Career-Savvy Professionals Take to Define Their Goals – Define the Goals like a King

A career without a goal, is like a body without a soul, I mean, then you become a robot, and merely carry out the tasks that you are programmed to do. While having career-oriented goals is one of the first steps of your profession, it is even more critical to define the goals. Now, what exactly does defining the goals mean? It is simply understanding and classifying your career based aspirations into what can be achieved over a long period of time and those that can be achieved within shorter time frames. The former ones are classified as Long term goals and the latter Short term goals.define the goals like a king

Having goals in your career give you the push to move forward and upward simultaneously; it is your accelerator and elevator to reach the pinnacle of success. The first step that you can take to start this process is by ‘storming your brain’. Before asking anyone else of what is good for you and what ought to be done to advance in your working field, ask yourself some questions. Consider introspecting, whether you are satisfied and happy with your present job status, whether that is your dream job or not, if yes then is that the post you always want to remain at? If no, then what specifically is the job of your dreams? What is it that you are passionate about? And how much significance does money have in your career? Are you working merely to earn money or would you switch jobs if you are not satisfied with it, even though the pay is handsomely rewarding?

By listing the goals that you can achieve within one year as short term goals and those that you can complete within five years as long term goals, you get a clear picture of how to move ahead. Therefore,   ‘put them in writing’. While jotting down these goals :

  1. Try and remain positive in your approach
  2. Specify the deadlines, i.e. mention the dates by which you want to achieve a particular goal, the numbers you want to reach. This will help in ascertaining that you have reached your target.
  3. Instead of big goals that will be time-consuming and more difficult to attain set smaller ones, so that on achieving them within the specified time you will be motivated to reach for the next.
  4. Do not live in a fantasy world, define the goals that are realistic and attainable, else you will land up demoralised and loose direction.

Work out the benefits that you may enjoy when fixing a goal, see for yourself if the goal is going to be advantageous and in the same direction as your ultimate aim. In fact, knowing what resources are at your hand to meet those goals should be a part of your assessment process. In other words, this analysis will help you understand your strengths so that you can make optimal use of them at the right time. Keep your preferences clear with the company you wish to be associated with so that you can strive towards them.

Finally be open to criticism, and the people who are your best critiques are your closest friends and your family. Be ready to accept the negative comments from them and instead of sulking about them, preserve with double the enthusiasm and become a go-getter. And that’s how the career-savvy professionals do all it takes to define the goals of their career.

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