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Signs You Need a Pro to Review Your Resume

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Signs You Need a Pro to Review Your Resume

 Signs You Need a Pro to Review Your ResumeYou desperately want a job change and putting in applications at several places; you are confident your experience, qualifications, skills are precisely those that recruiters will want to grab. Yet those offer letters do not seem to be reaching you. Wondering want the problem is? Why don’t you check for yourself whether your resume calls for attention or not? And if you do not know how to bring back the spunk in your resume, you surely need a pro to review your resume.

The first sign – you’ve only heard people talking about things like ATS and optimisation, but have no clue what those refer to.

The advancement of technology and the lack of time of the recruiters has led them to employ a software the ATS or the Applicant Tracking System, which shortlists candidates before the resumes reach the human hands. And this system works on the basis of keywords, that is to say, that there are certain words that this software looks for in a resume and based on that it selects the candidate. The resume, therefore, has to be optimised with those keywords, in order for the system to pick it. Hence, if your resume is not formatted according to this new standard, then you can rest assured that you need a pro to review your resume.

The second sign – your priorities have changed

You may not have been looking for a job for quite some time, and your aims and goals have significantly altered ever since;  now that you are ready for a change in your career, the resume too is in need of an update. You will be surprised to come across the changes that technology has attached to a resume, the format, the layout and even the content has changed considerably.  Also if you have risen above the entry–level, it is imperative that the hiring manager knows it, making it essential that you make the necessary changes in the resume.

The third signyou are clueless of what to include and what to exclude in this novel format.

Since you are not adept in handling the news ways of how a resume has to be constructed, you need a pro to review your resume. If the email address that was provided in your old resume is sketchy, something like coolgal87, that surely needs to go and replaced an email id that speaks of professionalism, such as drozariochristine4. This gives the hirer the image of an individual who is not laid back and values the career. Further, if your resume has any apparent attempts at trying to stand out is what you ought to say goodbye to. Of course, it is great to be unique, but that uniqueness should conform to the norms of the corporate world.

Because ‘change is the only constant’, you ought to be prepared to be faced with the situation of having to keep your resume up-to-date at all times. And for all those times you feel lost and do not know how to adhere to it, take it as a hint that its time for you to get hold of a pro who will thoroughly review your resume and set you back on track.

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