Should Linkedin and Resume Headline Match?

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Should Linkedin and Resume Headline Match?

Should Linkedin and Resume Headline Match

Though the working of both your LinkedIn profile and the resume are overlapping in the sense that both cater to your professional well being; yet the two are distinct identities. A resume is a traditional obligatory document for all job seekers, a LinkedIn profile, on the other hand, is relatively new whose intention is to create a professional network for you. In the present times, you as a job seeker should have both LinkedIn and resume.

Since the owner of both the things is one single person, it is but obvious that the data on both should be in sync and match with each other. You may have to choose to present the two differently, but the facts have to be the same. You cannot afford to have any discrepancies between the two. Among the few similarities of the two, a summary is quite apparent. A resume has a dedicated section for a profile summary; similarly, LinkedIn provides to you a section where you can summarise things about yourself. In fact, LinkedIn gives you more space than a resume; but both help you to be established as a professional.

The use of keywords is another similarity between LinkedIn and resume; you will have to pay close attention to the usage of appropriate words in both the profiles to make sure your presence is felt, as a person on a job hunt. A resume has to be keyword friendly so that the applicant tracking system (ATS) recognises it quickly and for a LinkedIn profile to be easily identified by Google has to have keyword density.

There are, however, quite a few differences between the two,  which again you should know well so that you can decide how much of a match is required between the headlines of both. It is always a wise thing to have curated resumes for different job profiles; therefore, it means that you are likely to have more than one resume. Contrarily, in LinkedIn there is just one profile that has everything sorted into various sections; that is, anyone viewing your profile will get to know everything about you professionally. Thus, you should have only one LinkedIn account, because it has the capacity to target a broad audience at one time.

When comparing LinkedIn and resume, one rather obvious thing is the tone used in its composition; while the former has a social touch to its language, the latter focuses on a more formal approach. The resume is strictly related to your professional life and hence has to maintain the formal tone to the ‘t’; contrastingly, LinkedIn is, first of all, a form of social media and so having a casual tone to it, is quite natural. The first person used in a LinkedIn account is a remarkable difference from a resume; it is a mirror image of your complete personality.

A resume is comparatively shorter than a LinkedIn account because as said earlier, you concentrate entirely on the professional front in a resume, while with LinkedIn you can showcase your other interests as well, that may not be directly relevant to your job search. Another reason for this is that perhaps there is always something to add to the LinkedIn profile, but for a resume, you do not usually keep on adding anything unless you have undergone some training or the like.

An appropriate photograph is always a part of a LinkedIn profile, but in recent times, a resume does not always demand the same; making the two distinct from each other again. A LinkedIn account cannot be optimised without a picture, and that photograph cannot be just any random photo you may have clicked with your friends, it has to be one that is suitable for viewing by professional entities.

Thus, now you know how closely similar or how dissimilar LinkedIn and resume is, now, based on that, it should be easy for you to comprehend how far you need to match things in both.

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