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Should I Put My Social Media on a Resumesocial media on a resume

Among the numerous considerations made, while composing a resume, one other issue that often puts you in a dilemma is whether or not you should put your social media in the resume or not.  The mention of social media brings the name of Facebook immediately to the mind, that is one platform which is used by everyone these days. People have more than one profiles on the same; but what needs to be given utmost importance while listing social media on a resume is, to make sure you only include that which is of relevance to your professional life.

One of the most important reasons you ought to consider incorporating the social media account in your resume, is the apparent indulgence of recruiters in your digital footprint, post an interview.  Hence, this is your means of standing out from the rest and becoming exclusive. It is a way of turning your two-dimensional resume to a three dimensional one, because of the interaction that happens in the latter form. You could claim to be a very dynamic person, but that will only be materialised through your online presence on the social media site.

When listing social media on a resume, the thing of supreme importance is what the content of your social media is. Be wary of linking any such social site for the perusal of your potential employer that will harm your reputation. For instance, if your personal life moments constitute a significant part of your posts, then it best not included. If, however, you have more important blogs and links on your account that define you as a person and reveal your tastes and interests, then that is something your employer would be interested in.

Moreover, your social media account is supposed to be a validation for all the skill claims you have made in the resume. So, when the account is replete with such substantial evidence, it is only wise to include your social media in the resume. You have to understand that any recruiter will not be interested in what you are doing on a Sunday afternoon with your best friend. His/her interest lies in all your engagements that show how you have put your key skills to use and accomplished things.

Hence, constantly keeping a check on your facebook, twitter or Instagram handle becomes pertinent to make it ‘perusal worthy’. Grammatical errors can often be a negative influence for prospective employers; it shows not just your lack of basic knowledge but also lack of dedication in not being careful. Therefore, run your grammatical checks from time to time to ensure the expulsion of such errors.

Since technology plays such an essential role in the professional front, being up to date with the latest tools and trends is vital too; and this is sure to come under the potential employer’s microscope. Remember, your social media account has become a mirror for you now, and therefore the bottom line is, you will have to go through your account as finely as a fine-toothed comb. The last thing you would wish for while listing social media on a resume is any potential employer to stumble upon inappropriate things and more importantly not relevant to your line of work. The privacy settings of any social media account are your key to solving this issue; ensuring the safety of your data on the account is thus, a mandate.

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