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Searching For Jobs by Employed and Unemployed

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Searching For Jobs by Employed and Unemployed

searching for jobs by employed and unemployed

Hunting for a job is not a task just for the unemployed; the employed people too may be on the lookout for a better offer. But the way things are done and the way things turn out to be in either case is quite contrasting. This blog is your sneak-peak into the major differences in searching for jobs by employed and unemployed individuals.

An undisputed observation with regard to this issue is that recruiters have a different attitude towards both categories of people. Often a person with experience, i.e. to say, an employed person is given preference over a newbie, because of obvious reasons. However, that does not that mean freshers are not recruited; though every recruiter has his priorities when it comes to hiring an individual.

Your body language and level of confidence play a significant role in you getting hired; if you are unemployed, remember never to exhibit an overly interested attitude. Don’t look desperate; this often puts off a hiring personnel. Again your overconfidence since you have been working in a particular industry is again not appreciated by anyone. Being hard to get is what you should portray, that will get the hirers further interested in you.

As a new person on the block, an unemployed individual tends to make a few mistakes in handling the process of job hunting. Just putting your resumes on various job portals and then not following it up regularly, is one of those things that hinder your quick acquisition of a job. Since, you have minimal knowledge about the ways of functioning in the corporate world, seeking the advice of those who are trustworthy according to you, would not harm you in the least. On the contrary, it becomes essential because often ‘being misinformed’ becomes a part of the process. It is not necessary that you will be able to comprehend what is right and what is not at the very beginning; hence do not make hasty assumptions and jump to conclusions.

An ‘unemployed person’ could also refer to a person who has had a career break for some reason. Being rigid and not wanting to learn something new in that case, is a drawback of an unemployed person seeking a job. Do not focus on yourself, instead focus on the task of getting a job; and that you can do by impressing the recruiter. Learn your facts about the company you are applying in and try and understand how you can contribute to making it a better place for work. Keep all negativity as far as you can from your workplace.

Be careful not to turn into what is known as a ‘resume spammer’ when searching for jobs by employed and unemployed both; this is a person who makes applications to as many companies as possible and pays no heed to what the job description indeed is. Have your goals sorted and a clear understanding of what kind of job you are looking for, else; if you happen to be tagged as a resume spammer by the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), there are bleak chances of bagging a job for yourself.

The advice of keeping the negative attitude, either for the work or for the people working alongside you, applies for the employed lot as well. Looking for a change of job, while you are still employed is an acceptable act, but that does not give you the privilege to speak ill of your present employer; doing so you create a negative image of yourself. It has been found through research that employed people have a higher rate of getting offers for new jobs as compared to the unemployed, hence you will require references for your new job, and you cannot ruin your chances of getting selected by speaking badly about others.

With reference to being visible, an unemployed person ought to be very tactful and cautious about being an active participant in various groups on the web, after creating an impressive LinkedIn profile for yourself. Writing and posting multiple articles on topics of your expertise gets you noticed by recruiters. An already employed person, on the other hand, needs to update his/her professional regularly on sites like LinkedIn, because the recruiters are always keeping an eye on them. In cases of career breaks too, the same applies.

Unlike a person without a job, who may even have to settle down for a lesser job to start off with; a currently employed person has to pay special attention to all the offers that come his way. Being selective is an option for such applicants; as a matter of fact, when you are hunting for a job, you do not have to say it out loud at your present place of employment. Keep it discrete and even make it clear at interviews that you would expect them to respect this decision of yours and do the same and maintain confidentiality.

Though it is a harsh reality that employed people get more job offers than the unemployed, yet the unemployed can brace themselves well before an interview. Conduct in-depth researches of what questions to ask at an interview, how to sell your strengths and how this job fits into your greater plan of a successful career.

Searching for jobs by employed and unemployed people has never been a cakewalk yet, I hope all of you out there looking for a job, have got sufficient information on how to hunt a job efficiently. All the Best!

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