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Quit Your Job When You Must | It’s 100% OK to Quit Your Job

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Quit Your Job When You Must

I recently bumped upon this quote while surfing the internet – “Quitting is not giving up, it’s choosing to focus on something that is more important”. I then realised how accurate it was and so much relevant, particularly, when considered in the context of a job. That is when I thought I have to share this newfound ‘not guilty’ realisation with you through my blog. Read If you are about to quit the job that you have started recently)quit your job

Well, first things first, it is not possible for you to satisfy everyone around you, so why not stick to just one person that you aim at satisfying, and that is – yourself. There will be a huge swell around you the moment you even dare to say the words ‘I want to quit’; hence to keep yourself well guarded it is essential that you are firmly convinced that you are not doing the wrong thing. And this you can do only when you have worked out the math of the situation before actually hitting others with that cannonball.

So, the thing you have to ask yourself is, does this current job make you unhappy? If the answer is yes, then you have removed the first obstacle. There is no point in doing something that does not make you happy or give you a sense of fulfilment. Being overstressed due to work pressure, not finding any progress in accordance to your career plans, finding your goals are different from the company’s goals and your boss showing no interest in working on employee engagement; are hints for you to prepare to say you want to quit.

The next speed breaker will be the beginning of answering how you should quit. Having a backup plan is the foremost consideration in this category. You need to have a plan of what you intend to do after you have left the job for real. Having done this, you can call the shots and make the much surprising announcement and put down the papers to quit your job. This, by the way, is the decent way of resigning and the suggested one. The other way is to end the association with the company on a wrong note, i.e., there are instances where there is an exchange of unpleasant words and an ugly encounter between the employer and the employee. This is what needs to be avoided, remember; you cannot afford to burn bridges in your professional life. The reason behind it is that at some point or the other you may require a reference for your new job and if you have a bitter ending in your previous workplace, there are chances you will never be able to get that reference. So, the wise thing would be to handle your departure from the former company with the utmost dignity and grace.

When you have decided to take such a drastic step as calling it ‘quits’ you will have to be open to learning new things and explore all options of your interest; you cannot afford to be rigid. After you are sorted with all these things, it is wise to seek the advice of a career coach you will refine the way you are conducting yourself.
I hope this blog has convinced you that wanting to quit your job is in no way ‘a pang of guilt’ that you should have; hence I suggest you quit when you must!

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