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Questions to answer about yourself

It might be due to many reasons like some does not have the courage to speak in front of a new person. They may also lack communication in spite of core knowledge. It is all about the way they deliver their answer where few people lack prompt thinking and many times it is inhibited by nervousness. This may really interfere with the interview.answer about yourself

Things to be kept in mind before answering the toughest question, “Say about yourself”

It is an open-ended question and in majority cases, the candidate fails to say what actually the employer needs. Some even go out of topic and give some vague answers which often make the interviewer confused, consequently leading to the rejection. In order to prevent this hectic situation, some points have to be kept in mind before attending an interview


–    Maintain a good personality which includes dressing, gait, facial expressions, body language, and the list goes on.

–    Be confident throughout

–    Try to match your skills with the job and how the company is going to be benefited by your skills

–    Try mentioning your interests and hobbies as it may impress the interviewer


–    Never let your interviewer compromise your personality.

–    Don’t leave any question unanswered as this might not create a good impression on you

–    Never let down your confidence level and don’t be nervous as this may not allow you to answer more about you

–    Don’t go in-depth where some answers are not apt to the situation

–    The interviewee must not repeat the question

Some examples of say about yourself questions

Q1. What is your name?

A1: Say, “My name is ……………..” and add how can he/she call you rather than simply mentioning your name.

Q2: Where do you come from?

A2: Say,” I come from …… or I belong to ……..” Add something about the pride of the city.

Q3: What is your Qualification?

–    When answering this question be careful in prioritizing the qualification appropriate for the position applied followed by the additional qualification. For example, when you have applied for the post of HR executive, your answer should go like

A3: “I have pursued my career in MBA Human resource with distinction and I also have accounts as my UG degree.

Q4: What is your Experience?

–    Try mentioning in a sequential manner so that the interviewer will not be confused

A3: I have totally 5 years of experience. As soon as I have completed my PG I started working in ……………… I worked there for three years after which I moved to ……………… and working still in the same company for around two years.

Q5: Where would you see yourself in five years?

     -The interviewer expects how ambitious you are and also how well you are going to expertise in the coming years

A5: Well, I am overwhelmed by the position of an HR executive. By mere hard work and the passion towards the job, I will be definitely playing some leading roles in your company.

Hope these examples will help you in understanding how to answer about yourself.

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