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Prove Age is Just a Number With  Age Proof  Resume

age proof resumeSeeking  a job can happen at any age, and irrespective of that age, you will require a resume to present yourself to a prospective recruiter. There have been several reported cases of older adults, such as those above the age of 50 that they have not been able to qualify for a position owing to the exceeding number of years of their life. It is a sad truth that there does exist discrimination on such basis, but the silver lining to this dark cloud is that there are ways you can hide your age on your resume and at least land yourself an interview. Once you are at the interview, you will be in a better position to explain what all you are bringing with you on account of the immense experience that you gathered over the years. After all, what the employer is mostly interested in your skills. This is precisely what your age proof resume will help you achieve.

Well, then what are you waiting for, read through this blog carefully, and find yourself fully equipped with how you should create a resume that throws more light on your experiences than your age. I agree, composing a resume in the most appropriate and fitting manner is not an easy task, especially, if you do not belong to the younger generation; hiring a professional resume writer, in this case, is a wise thing to do. However, if it is you who has to take up the task of designing your resume, then here are a few tips that would deem helpful.

Now, since you have been in the corporate sector for a reasonably long time, you may not want include every tiny bit of your career, as the resume must not cross the normal limits of a maximum of two pages. Thus, it is but advisable that you focus on the recent works that you have been engaged with. Although you must be able to use your discretion to mention about those engagements of yours that are in alignment with the position you are currently pursuing, it is pointless to give the details of work that does not have any relevance. So, reiterate a maximum of 15 years, to make your age proof resume.

That would mean that you will have to eliminate the earlier dates and refine your data on the resume. Under all circumstances, you have to know that your resume cannot exceed two pages and hence, whatever, you include in it should only be the best things that you want a recruiter to know about you.

One other smart way that you should device in the resume of an elderly is by letting go of the dates, particularly those of your graduation and high school. While experience is your trump card in this game, yet if it is not rightly played, you may end up losing. The ideal thing to do here is then to reveal your experience; however, not the number of years attached to it. Say, for example, avoid using phrases like “evince 30 years of experience’; it immediately sends out the message of your being aged. Instead, continually strive to highlight the accomplishment and how you accomplished it.

In the present days, ‘numbers’ play a significant role in authenticating and enhancing your claims on a resume,  having numbers or percentages that reveal how much you achieved whatever you achieved, gives you an edge. Your prospective employer is keen on understanding how you and your skills will be an asset to the company, so, that is what you should set as your target and design this age proof resume.

I know, creating one resume gives you such a hard time that you would prefer having just one basic format for all sorts of jobs. But, I am sorry to burst your bubble here, that’s not the right kind of approach. Customize every resume focusing on the individual requirement of the position; it may be time-consuming but is definitely worth the time investment.

Concentrating on the format is rather vital, as sticking to old conventional formats may self proclaim that you belong to the older generation. The solution, thus, learn the new formats and compose accordingly. Leaving out the job objective will not harm you a bit, so, do that; and replace the age-old traditional chronological format of a resume with the functional or combination format. Also when it comes to the font and spacing, use the ones which are more in vogue such as Verdana, and do not leave two spaces after a full stop. Being faithful to the older format sends out feelers to the recruiter that you may not be very well versed with the latest trends in technology and the like, which could be essential for the position you are looking forward to filling.

The functional format serves the best to emphasis on your relevant skills, which is exactly what the employer is looking for. This is your way of putting your best self forward and letting them know that you have what it takes to occupy the position adeptly.

Since e-mail or uploading the resume is your way of sending your application, have a copy of the resume saved with you, after you have saved it in the PDF format, instead of the conventional .docx. The reason is that it makes your resume easily accessible by recruiters on any gadget they may have.

One last thing you need to know is you must have a LinkedIn account, the address of which ought to be mentioned in your resume so that the recruiters get to know more about your interests and activities if they happen to have any inclination towards recruiting you. Sometimes even the smallest of things such as your language could reveal the times you come from; hence, I advise you to exclusively careful about this nitty-gritty, to keep rejection at bay.

Your attitude while composing an age proof resume has to be that of letting the company know how indispensable you will be for them because of the skills that you possess and that ‘age is just a number!

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