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Mastering the Art of a Job Interview

Mastering the Art of a Job InterviewAn interview for a job at any position often seems to get the better of you, and in most cases than not, you leave the interview venue dissatisfied. At times you might even get disappointed with yourself because you feel that you could have answered better, but your nervousness became a hindrance and sabotaged your confidence. The solution to this problem is straightforward, you need a change in your mindset; you have to learn how to convert your fears into something that makes you enjoy your job interview rather than dread it.

  1. Have a preparation regime – anyone with an interview lined up shortly does not need to be told the vitality of preparation. But what you need to know regarding preparation is that it should be directed towards some specific intent and not done haphazardly. When you have a purpose in mind, you instinctively get ready to face any hurdle and cross it as well. So begin channelizing all your enthusiasm towards making the necessary arrangements correctly, such as updating your resume, or getting it refined with the help of a professional. Practice the answers of probable questions with someone, decide on the issues you would be asking them and also how you would be dressing for the occasion. So that you do not feel like you have been hit with something on your head unawares, take the help of the internet and figure out the questions they may be asking you, especially about your previous roles and responsibilities. Your prepared answers will help you not to fumble and exude confidence.
  2. Believe in yourself – your belief in the fact that you are the most suitable candidate for the position vacant is what will ignite your morale and confidence. It is pointless to appear for a job interview if you yourself are not convinced that you will be able to perform all the responsibilities attached to it. You should know why you are unique and how you are indispensable, and in order to do that you have to spend some time looking into yourself, what your belief system is and to what limits you are willing to go, apart from what is apparently mentioned in the job objective. Your knowledge of your intentions and capabilities will help you define yourself to others and establish your own brand.

One crucial pointer for any kind of interview that you face in your life is, never to get carried away when talking about yourself; there is a very thin line between giving an insight to who you are and bragging. You are surely not a fan of a boasting personality; then you can only imagine how it would offend the interviewers who are working by the clock.

  1. Go with the flow – it is said, “you should not put all your eggs in one basket”; in the context of an interview, this could be applicable too. That is to say, that in case you are met with failure, and the outcome of the interview is not as you had apprehended then don’t sulk about it. Take things as they come; in other words, go with the flow; don’t make everything in your world depends on this single interview. If it works out, then, it is for the best, and if it doesn’t, take it as a learning experience and move on; or perhaps a stepping stone to success.
  2. Remember it’s a two-way street – don’t get all nervous thinking you have to answer to the interviewer’s aptly, in order to bag the job; as a matter of fact, during the interview, the one being interviewed is supposed to analyze whether or not the company is right for you. In a way, you could say that it’s not just a prospective employer interviewing you but you interviewing them as well. Tell yourself this repeatedly, and you will notice how calmness dawns on you.
  3. Consider this as one of your short term goals – you must know clearly what is it you want to achieve from your professional life and accordingly create short term goals for yourself. These goals help you stay focused on your ultimate aspiration. And set this job interview as a part of that to do list you have, in doing so, you will not be so profoundly affected if it does not work out. Contrarily, it will help you to comprehend, whether it is this job that you really want, or whether this is the kind of organization you are looking forward to working in.

Among the many things I have learnt from life, one that I keep on reiterating in my mind is, we are only affected by anything when we let that thing affect us. That is to say, the nervousness that you experience during a job interview is because you are letting it get onto your nerves. Deal with it as you would when you meet with a new person, the only twist here is that you would be a little prepped up for this meet unlike in an informal situation. Be certain that it is not the interviewer who has a control on you, but it is you who does have complete control over yourself. And in no time you will see that you have converted your fear into fun, which eventually leads you to ace the interview.

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