Let your resume do the talking – are you a Doer or an Achiever?

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Let your resume do the talking – are you a Doer or an Achiever?

a doer or an achiever

You have learnt so much about a resume, you know by now that it is a document that reflects your personality as a professional, but did you know that underlying all these, is the revelation of whether it is a doer or achiever resume. Sounds unfamiliar? It is actually not that unfamiliar as it may appear to be, you already have an understanding of what this is, it is just that you not aware of it.

Now, what is a resume? It is the strategic arrangement of all the information pertaining to your career, it includes your skills, qualifications and also your achievements. And what does a prospective employer decipher out of all this information?- Whether you are a person who performs or one who achieves. That is precisely what is meant by a doer or an achiever resume.

A resume that talks mostly about the responsibilities that one performed at any position, is considered to belong to a person who has done his deeds and therefore is a ‘doer’. On the other hand, when the resume is replete with experiences of achievements; that is to say how one was able to accomplish something for the company while actively being involved in the process. Say for instance, if you are merely entering the revenue data for an organization, then you will be categorized as a doer; contrarily if you are responsible for bringing about profitable changes in the revenue for the company then you become an achiever.

Hence, it is but natural that recruiters would be on the lookout for a person who is willing to bring value to the organization, as opposed to someone who will only go by the book and stick to his or her responsibilities. Thus, it is for you to analyse now what your resume is showcasing as; see for yourself the kind of resume you have – a doer or an achiever resume.

You may not be able to figure out efficiently what changes need to be made in the tailoring of the resume to turn it into the preferred type; it is best, therefore that you seek the help of a professional resume writer. The kind of things that have to be included and highlighted in a resume to make it an achiever resume, is known to them thoroughly. You can rest assured that you will be presented in the best light possible, in order to secure an interview with the company.

One of the wisest ways to convert an existing ‘doer’ resume to an ‘achiever’ one is to replace the responsibilities with quantifiable achievements of the same duty, and this you can do by using powerful verbs. Say, you had written “Responsible for sales in the Eastern Region”, replace it with “Spearheaded the sales in the Eastern Region”; immediately the one word ‘spearheaded’ adds more weight to your role. Similar words that convey specific action, instead of a general role, add more value and turns your ‘doer’ resume to an ‘achiever’ resume.

Adding numbers to your achievements, such as giving the statistics of what extra bounty you made available to the organization you worked at, emphasizes you as an indispensable employee and projects you in a very positive light. Your execution strategies that brought culpable advantages, like devised plans for the increase of sales or developed the interface to enhance interaction with customers, speak volumes about why any employer should recruit you. It gives them a clear vision of what you would be bringing to the table and thereby, and makes it easier for them to discern whether or not you are the most appropriate candidate for the position.

So, dig deep into yourself and find out how and how much benefits your previous role had brought about, and share it with your professional resume writer, helping him/her to understand if you have a doer or an achiever resume, to make the changes accordingly.

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