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Let People Know What’s Your Brand – The Art of Personal BrandingArt of Personal Branding

The unfortunate truth of the present-day world is – the one who can sell himself the best, rules. It is no wonder that a lot of companies who do not even sell genuinely good products are the inheritors of unimaginable wealth. Thus, it is rather evident that when in the corporate sector, you have to know personal branding at the back of your hand. You have to get out there and let prospective employers know why and how you are indispensable.

Now, because the internet is the best means of communication, that becomes your target, you then ought to know the art of personal branding online. That Linked In has assumed an exceptionally vital and integral position in the process of a job hunt, is nothing new. Since it is the best vehicle to accelerate your job search, why not use the platform to tell people what your mettle is? My first suggestion to you, therefore, is to put to work LinkedIn to ensure a solid basis for building your personal brand.

A very good way to do this is to use the LinkedIn ads which provide you with content that you can absolutely trust with regard to effectiveness. The best part of harboring on LinkedIn is you are sure to get a massive number of audience at one single time, as innumerable people get on to Linked In for various reasons related to their profession. Hence, you do not have to worry about whether it will come into the notice of the masses. The ads created on this job portal are specially designed to captivate its viewers, and there is no way that your message will not get delivered.

You could also choose to create your own website (We call it as E-Resume), but in this case, you have to put on your creative hat. Identify the areas of your strengths and weakness, and at the same time, keep in mind what people quickly buy. If you have every expectant attribute, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you do lack something which is more charismatic, think of ways and means in which you can warp your skills into the more desirable ones. Let this analyzing and thinking not be a rash decision, take your time since this is going to form the base on your platter. Once you are done deliberating, then you are ready to kickstart your personal branding.

Adorn your website with videos, photographs, blogs, projects, assignments, etc.; basically, anything that shows what you would bring to the table. An introduction or a small write up about yourself is, of course, mandatory; however, be careful of the tone and language you use. Keeping it formal is the best way to go about it, but that does not mean it becomes boring. Adopt a unique style; copying someone else, takes away all authenticity and thereby the excitement of knowing something new. Hence, try to keep it simple yet alluring and engaging.

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Finally, the other most efficient and bang on way of personal branding is to make good use of the social media platforms to your advantage. Don’t hesitate to show all sides of your personality; for instance, if you are skilled as a manager does not mean you cannot be interested in modelling. Thus, feel free to put up things that showcase your talents. However, be wary of what content you add to your profile; do not forget that recruiters are always on the lookout for new employees, and none of the stuff you hoard as a billboard for your professional image ought to leave a bad taste in their mouth. To put it simply, use your discretion and wisdom in adding information about yourself.

One thing that I always recommend is being honest; you should be very clear-headed about this. Would you like a glass of orange juice that is watered down? I am sure you would not. Hence, there is no point in portraying something that you are not because eventually, people will come to know what you are truly. Also, in the bid to appear as appealing you may just miss out on establishing the brand that you intend to, and see that your final intentions are not met. Therefore, remain as authentic as you possibly can.

The benefits of personal branding can only be experienced once you have done it. To mention a few, you open an avenue of trust with your audience as well as establish yourself as an accomplished personality who has a grip over matters in the particular industry. It makes you easily visible to the masses at large, and that includes the media – which is an excellent accelerator is making you a known face. Your personal brand is a means of expanding your network, and as I have mentioned in my earlier blogs, ‘networking’ is something that you have to continue to work on at all stages of your career. Attracting clients, thus, becomes more convenient.

The only wise thing hence, to do, once you are concentrating on your career, is to go all out and create a personal brand.

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