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Keep Your Online Job Application Free of These Errors

Keep Your Online Job Application Free of These ErrorsThe prevalent use of computers in all fields has led to the change in the process of applying for employment too; the present mode of submission of the resume and an application for any vacant position is via online job application. The application forms for various posts are available on the particular sites of the internet, wherein you can either fill it up online or download it, fill it up and then upload it to the site mentioned on the job posting.

Now, since there are no limits to the number of candidates that can apply for the particular post, you can only imagine the number of applications the recruiters will have to go through. They are, therefore, always on the lookout for any discrepancies in the application to immediately discard that candidate, thereby reducing one name from the unimaginable pile. Hence, if you do not want to be amongst the rejected ones, you ought to be very carefully reading this blog. You will find here all the usually made mistakes by applicants that end their dream of getting selected for an interview instantaneously.

  1. Not abiding by the present rules of the application – every company has its own ideas and ideals based on which they run when speaking of an online job application, it is pretty much the same. They have it all spelt out for you as to how they expect you to put in the application; this is done, precisely to make the sorting process easy for the hiring company. If you, thus fail to be obedient to the instructions given, then you are most likely to be knocked off at the first instant. Well, it does not just reveal as a disobedient person but also as lacking the ability to follow details and work with discipline. I hope you understand the magnanimity of as trivial a task as not following directions while putting in your application.
  2. Skipping out fields on the application – this is a close connection to the previously mentioned point. When you are not bothered about following the rules of applying, you may not even be concerned about filling out all fields of the application, hardly realizing that the recruiter is not getting adequate information about you, as per the requirement of the position. By this, unknowingly you also reassure the hiring people that you do not have any regards for abiding by rules, a characteristic, which doubtless, no employer would like to entertain.
  3. Getting delayed in the application submission – again in sync with the first mistake, this too shows how casual you are with the approach of submitting your application, and the recruiters might just as well take it as a sign of non-dedication. You may not even make to the perusal of the hirers, in case they feel they already have more than enough on their plate by the last date of entry.
  4. Missing out on all the attached documents asked for – when you have decided to put in an application, be very careful to go through its requirements, you cannot afford to miss out on essential details. When you fail to furnish all the necessary information, asked by the employers specifically, you can be pretty sure to be rejected at one go. They will not hesitate even once before getting past your online job application and moving onto someone who cares to follow all the directions religiously.
  5. Applying for a job that is beyond or under your qualification – it is not a good idea to apply for any job randomly. Though you may require a job immediately, yet if you know that you are overqualified for the post, you should abstain from approaching such offices. The reason is that employers are on the lookout for a person who perfectly fits their criteria so that the individual stays on for a long duration. Anyone with a higher qualification than what is required will have a tendency of moving onto a better job option whenever, it is available, leaving the present organization. Since this behavioural pattern of prospective employees is predictable, your application can head towards the rejected list. On the other hand, it is not right for you to apply for a job which you are not aptly fit. When you know that you do not have the required qualification and still put in an application with a company, you are just wasting the recruiters and your time.
  1. Mentioning your employment gaps without any explanation – well, if you are putting your employment gaps on the application, then it is the right of the recruiter to know what caused that gap; it gives them clarity of thought. Also, it makes things clear for you; you should let them make assumptions as what may have happened. So give legit explanations and prevent the recruiters from imagining things that may have never occurred.
  2. Not customizing the cover letter – it is a wrong notion to have a general draft of a cover letter for all types of jobs. It may consume some of your precious time, but tailoring a cover letter according to the job posting is very important to win a favourable response with the prospective employer.
  3. Making grammatical or spelling errors – the last thing that any recruiter would want on an application, resume or cover letter is to have grammatical mistakes. You have to remember that they have the tedious task of going through several applications, which in itself is hectic, and if in that they have to figure out words because they are miss-spelt or miswritten, then it crosses their level of patience. Hence, the bottom line, you cannot make any errors with regards to your spellings and grammar.

As it is one is in a lot of tension with the online job application process because you have to know how to get past the ATS and land in human hands, added to this you would not make the above mistakes, so that you become one of the few applications to get discarded. Hope you have read the above well enough to be able to remember to keep your online application free of these errors, the next time.

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