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Keep These Things Off Your Resume – What Not to Include In a Resume | Applicable to Senior Professionals

what not to include in a resumeDiscernment is perhaps the most fundamental attribute you require while curating a resume; being the most vital document in your career, that is something in which you cannot afford to take any chances. Some things do not belong there and hence ought to be kept off the resume. As always, let me again remind you that potential employers are often on the striking out spree. They prefer keeping the list of ‘hirable’ candidates short; hence, they are constantly looking for even the slightest thing that may annoy them to strike off your name from the unmanageable pile of applications. It is thus that you need to be extra cautious and know clearly what not to include in a resume.

The information that you provide within the space of one or at the most two pages of this document should be accurate and precise. There is a thin line between showcasing your relevant capabilities as an employee and unnecessary boasting; the moment you cross that line, you fall into the category of those who give “too much information” and that is not an appreciated action by most employers.

  • First things first, long paragraphs without bullet points need to go out of that resume. No employer has the time to read narratives, they mostly skim through these documents, and so you need to use brevity in your composition. Bullets are always effective in maintaining the focus of what is being said.
  • If you have designed the resume spending time on the job objective section, (for senior-level) then you have wasted your time. Recruiters do not want to know what you expect of the job; instead, they are interested in knowing what you are bringing to the table. In what ways do you plan to contribute to the organization is what will keep them glued to your introductory document.
  • The pronoun ‘I’ is one among what not to include in a resume; alternatively begin the phrases with words such as analyzed, reduced, created, etc. They add more weight to your abilities and achievements.
  • If you still have an email address that sounds quirky, it immediately needs to be removed from the resume. It only reflects you as an unprofessional individual, and surely you do not intend to send out that message about yourself. Please include the email address, which has a respectable and professional name to it. In fact, you create a separate email id only for professional purposes.
  • Do not pen down your entire professional history if you happen to be in the industry for a considerably long time. Anything beyond eight or ten years should be off the resume; it is no longer required.
  • Irrelevant experiences, even they may have occurred in the recent past, ought not to be a part of your resume. They take away a lot of valuable space in the document.
  • References, too, can be kept outside a resume as they do not always appear in a favorable light with recruiters. Especially the phrase ‘References on request’ has to be shown the exit from your resume, recruiters know when to ask for them, and trust me, they will do so in due time.
  • Unnecessary information such as your personal information is not something the employers are craving for; therefore, you can conveniently remove them. Your marital status, religion, and things like are no of consequence to the hiring people, and thus, they are among what not to include in a resume.
  • Highly stylized font or design does not attract a potential employer; remember it is not decoration that substantiates your performance capabilities, but the content. It is for the best then that you keep the font simple, legible, and stick to the one that is most commonly used.
  • Grammatical errors are instant turn-offs for any viewer of your resume; it is thus advisable to scrutinize the document thoroughly and look keenly for any such mistake. Go through it as many times as you can physically, as well as with the help of correction software, which is very readily available.
  • Company terminology – it has been found that individuals mistakenly use words that were familiar with their previous industry of work while applying at a new work sector as well. That is problematic! Because the people of this industry may not even understand what the resume owner is hinting at. Avoiding company jargon is definitely wise.
  • Do not include any photograph on your resume; that is something you must remember to add to your LinkedIn profile. Adding a picture of yourself could send out vibes of discrimination. However, if the industry in which you are trying to get a position revolves around the appearance of the individual, then you should surely include it.
  • How much salary you have drawn in the past does not really matter to any recruiter in the present; hence, my advice to you on this is, exclude it from your resume. As a matter of fact, recruiters these days are not permitted to ask for the current or past salary of the person they are interviewing.
  • Too many phone numbers are yet another point of consideration while composing the resume. Put in one or at the most two numbers that are in running condition, instead of multiple numbers. Always remember that you have to keep the point of contact for you accessible for the employers so that you can receive the important message as and when they send it to you.

The whole idea behind the crafting and presentation of a resume is to give vital information about yourself to a prospective employer, to convince them that you are their ideal choice. Though you may, at times, find it challenging to include all relevant and crucial data within such a limited space, yet since that is all you got, that is all you have to use to your advantage. The best thing would be to seek the help of professional resume writers; they certainly are your best friends in this regard.

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