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Job Search Tips for Recent College Grads

Job Search Tips for Recent College Grads

The completion of college life has a twin effect – a relief and anxiety. The sensation of relief comes from having successfully finished your college life, while the anxiety comes from the anticipations of the uncertainties of professional life. So, congratulations to all you new grads out there, and while you are still enjoying the hangover of a more relaxed life so far, I am here with some resourceful information on the job search tips for recent college grads, when you are ready for some seriousness.

Wait a minute, don’t get intimidated by the word ‘seriousness’; I don’t mean that your job and the life thereafter will have cut off every light moment from it. You will certainly have your share of fun and pleasure, but again that is in your hands. How? Well, your hard work and serious efforts into finding the right kind of job for yourself will be the key to your happiness and successful living.


Begin with calming yourself down, and going into an introspection, i.e. looking into yourself, as to what exactly are you looking for; based on that you start your search for a job. While you may be faced with the pressure of finding a full-time job almost instantly after college, but it is wise to take your time and go about it slowly and steadily. Make a plan of how you wish to go about the search and if necessary keep notes. This helps you achieve what you want without getting mentally stressed out.

Associate with LinkedIn

 Most of you must have by now, created a profile on LinkedIn; if not, it’s time to do it. Having a profile with an employment-oriented service such as this is a great way to increase your online presence. It is startling to know that these days recruiters spend a lot of their time on LinkedIn viewing the profile of a prospective employee. A creatively arranged profile with all the required information about your skills, achievements and of course interests; topped with some exceptionally informative articles related to them, makes you grab the attention. Spending some time in carefully creating this profile gives you an edge with hiring managers.

Do not get misled

Since you are a novelty in the corporate world there are high chances of you getting deviated. There are some prevalent myths related to job search; it is best to stay away from them. Some of them worth mentioning are :

  • Your graduation degree is good enough for you to get a job- in fact, some even go on to say that it acts as a guarantee to bag decent employment.
  • Your connections will give you the required breakthrough in your career – no matter how many recommendations you get through your connections, if the company does not see the candidate to be an asset for them, there are bleak chances for a job.
  • Having an advanced degree of some sort will put you at the front of the long queue of job aspirants.


If you do not have a resume, make one immediately, and if you already have one, then you will need to update it. This is one of the most vital job search tips for recent college grads, as a resume is a mandatory document for the possession of any employment; the recruiter needs your details. If you could support your resume with a cover letter that would be even better, given the fact that you are just entering the professional world. It acts as an introduction to you who is presumably unknown to the hiring person.


Again because you are entirely new to this area of life, having some backup is not a bad idea. Having a strong network of people who are already experienced here, will help you gain acquaintance and recognition. There are a few different ways in which you can carry out making that web of yours:

  • Make full use of the career counselling services of your college, such as recruitment programs, job fairs, etc. Though you may not get a job immediately, you will definitely get some direction in the process of job hunting. Getting an internship is also a possibility through this means and a wise act as well. Your internship will help you gain experience and will be an attention-drawing point on your resume; recruiters always prefer someone with even the least of experience as opposed to a newbie.
  • Make the best of your time while you are in college – I understand this might be a little extra to ask of you when you are still revelling with your pals, yet there is no denying that your today designs your future. So, make that extra effort and make your presence felt in the classes, get pally with your professors, and try to be in their good books; this helps in getting a good referral too (in case you need it).
  • Be a part of the alumni association of your college and actively participate in the events of the group; basically, you try to get noticed.
  • Social media is the best medium for you to connect with the company of your liking and thus, I recommend you do so.
  • Talk to some recent graduates; they may have some insights for you of how to go about with your career.

Make sure of a positive presence online

You may not have paid too much attention to your virtual reality on the internet, but it is time you do so. You have to ensure that you do not link any of unwanted ids or behavior with your professional profile. Also using the right kind of social media is important – Facebook or Twitter is not ideal for your profession as is LinkedIn. You cannot afford to be unprofessional on any of these sites is a commandment in the job search tips for recent college grads.

Management of time

Use your time wisely and carry out researches about the industries and the companies you are interested in, to increase your knowledge.

Don’t Wait

Finally do not wait for anyone to come and poke you about your career, do your homework, put in applications and follow up regularly.

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