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Job Search During a Pandemic

Job Search During a PandemicLooking for a job has always been a daunting task, and with the pandemic looming large, this has risen to another level of difficulty. The present situation of several employees being laid off because the companies are not able to function optimally has added to the misery of the job hunters. But none the less, there are industries where new employees are being taken on board, and for such places, it is pertinent that you are aware of how to go about it.

Not many companies will indeed be hiring immediately, for the apparent reason that they themselves are still trying to figure out how they can make their business run. But that does not mean they do not have recruitment at the back of their minds. Since everything is going remote, they are taking a little extra time to get the hang of all the things. In the meanwhile, of course, they are keeping candidates on hold, so that as soon as they are confident of their standing as a business entity, they will immediately ask these people to join them.

Hence, you have no reason to give up on your job search; in fact, experts are of the opinion that this is the right time to network more than ever. Earlier, when the internet was only an option for recruitment, recommendations played quite a crucial role. Thus, you can only imagine now that the internet is the place to be for every other thing you need, these exhortations from already existing employees, is only a welcome thing to recruiters.

The first thing you have to keep in mind at a distressing time like this is that you will have to fine-tune your focus and strategies. There is a need to change the perspective of your resume, suiting the need of the hour. You might want to brush up your internet skills and get that keyboard clicking. Visiting the website of companies offering jobs, ought to be the primary task on your to-do list for a job hunt during a pandemic.

You may want to know if the company is hiring in the first place. While you browse through to check the vacancies available, do take some extra time to look through the details of the achievements and ways of functioning of the particular company. By being abreast with the status of the company, you hold better grounds when you approach them.

Also do not miss out on looking for some people already working there, maybe you could get in touch with them while networking. It is time to increase the names on your connection list, my friend. It’s time to remember the phrase ‘the more, the merrier’; send them connection requests or friend requests on LinkedIn and Facebook, respectively. Once they accept, stay in touch with them; get to know as much as you can about the company. At times, these connections help you hugely by giving you much-needed referrals for a job. If approaching a single person is not an easy thing for you, join groups. Participate in the conversations, acquire some knowledge on the subject of your choice and then get acquainted with the members of the group.

Making your virtual presence felt is one of the things you need to do as a mandate. Joining group discussions, posting your views and comments on specific topics, is the way you can do so. You certainly have heard ‘actions speak louder than words’. One important thing to remember here is you should know the difference between getting acquainted, staying in touch and stalking. I am sure even you would not like to be stalked anywhere, even if it is the virtual world. Therefore avoid doing that. Appear in places in moderation; do not follow someone everywhere he or she comments; that may leave a bad impression. In case you have added someone on Facebook, remember to keep it professional. That means that you should avoid commenting on his/her personal photographs or comments. You do not want to annoy anyone on a social platform, especially during this pandemic, when everything seems to be vulnerable. To keep yourself updated about the posts of a particular company set alerts on Google so that you are prompted every time, there is any action on that profile.

While it is essential to know about the business concerns you are interested in, you cannot afford to forget what your benefits will be, in case you happen to get a breakthrough. So, keep this thing on your ‘to search’ list when you visit the sites or other related information of the said company. Look intently to the kind of understanding and compassion with which they are dealing with their employees. Whether or not they are considering any relaxations for the workers is a quite crucial thing. Everyone is faced with hardships, where it is important that you understand the limitations of recruiters, the latter ought to be considerate about the facilities being offered to workers in these hard times.

Your acquired trivia on the company of your choice will help you immensely if you are fortunate in landing an interview with them. Hence, try and gather information on how they were hit by the Covid-19 and what they did to cope up with the situation. Your display of interest in their whereabouts is always an added advantage.

One other thing that you could do to boost your job search is to add more value to yourself. Taking advantage of the slow pace of recruitment processes, educate yourself with new skills. Go through YouTube or other links that can help you acquire a unique skill set. Everyone should realise that this pandemic crisis has in a way, influenced us into becoming self-sufficient humans. Therefore, you have no choice but to learn new things by yourself and grow absolutely independent. Things like coding, data science, digital marketing are the future of the world, and these are some of the areas you can start developing yourself. So, since you have the time at your disposal, make the best use of it and boost your skills and upgrade yourself.

Be mentally prepared that your job search will take more time than usual; thus, the only option you have left is to be patient and wait. Doing your bit, however, should not be compromised in any way. If you had been attending job fairs as a part of your job hunt process, don’t be depressed, you can still do it. Lookup on Google, and you will find virtual job fairs and events being organised. Sign up for these and despite the fact that they are in the virtual world, treat it as a real-world interaction. You will be able to function better.

Life can never be devoid of any problem, how we handle the lemons life throws at us, either makes us successful or unsuccessful individuals. It is possible that making this transition from a more real and tangible world to a virtual and abstract world is an entirely new platform for many job seekers. But that should not stop you from following your dreams. Groom yourself accordingly and be prepared to face further trials. Stopping on the road just because you have hit upon an obstacle is not the right approach. Hence if in the initial days, you do have problems with the internet, hold your patience. Please do not give up, for the more you work with it, the more you get comfortable with it.

While most of us are dwelling on the negativities of this pandemic period, there are actually certain advantages concerning your job search.

  1. For those who do not feel very confident in a face-to-face interview, this is the best opportunity. A lot of companies are relying on telephonic interviews. In that case, nor do you have to see the person interviewing you and neither worry about how you look and your facial expressions.
  2. You can choose to have your hand notes in front of you during an interview. During an ideal interview, our nervousness gets the better of us, and we tend to forget all the things we had intended to say. Here, however, you can have a handwritten hint chit for yourself, so that your performance is absolutely banged on.
  3. To be able to have the job description in front of you during the interview is beneficial. Along with that, you can also keep a list of the questions that you intend to ask so that you can refer to it time and again.
  4. Since you do not have to give time to travelling for interviews from one place to another, you have ample time on your hands to register for some online course that will keep you upgraded.

So, you see the upsides of a job search during the Covid-19 distress. All you to do is use your discretion correctly and fruitfully. Practice as much as you can for the virtual interviews. Follow the things that you should and should not do during an interview of this category, and you will become an adept in no time.

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