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Is Work Ethic a Skill?work ethic

Every kind of job requires skills to be performed; these skills do not only include the technical aspects, i.e. your knowledge about how to do the work practically. The other type of ability pertinent to bringing out the optimum functioning of an individual within a workplace is his/her personal or soft skills. Soft skills are the behavioural techniques that one possesses which are very important for proper survival and prosperity in the corporate sector. And one such significant soft skill is a ‘work ethic’.

You may not have heard it a lot of times and hence not even considered it to belong to this category of key skills, yet that does not in any way undermine the weight it adds to the personality of any working person. Unfortunately, though, this is not something that you learn within the curriculum of your school and college.  It is something that is instilled in you by your parents or guardians; it is by following them that you involuntarily teach a strong work ethic.

What exactly is a work ethic then? Dedication, loyalty, commitment, perseverance, hard work – all of these constitute a strong work ethic. The way you behave not just with your colleagues and at others at work, but your entire attitude towards your profession and professional life is what determines your work ethic. And because hiring managers look for soft skills such as these in any prospective employee, it definitely makes work ethic a skill; and one that is sought after.

From the perspective of an employer, any prospective employee is judged largely on the basis of having these soft skills. The reasons that they think make these skills important are:

  1. You then know how to realise the work, even if situations are not favourable. Being committed and dedicated makes you go all out and give in your 100% to get the job done
  2. Your dedication makes you a great team player, another requirement vital to any organisation
  3. Not only are you able to blend in, but you are most likely to become a people’s person. That is something that can help you get the work done quickly and easily without creating pressure on anyone
  4. You eventually become desirable and an asset for any company, as your professionalism is excellently exhibited through your exemplary work ethic.

And the result of all of these above will be a hike in your career and the achievement of all the goals you set for yourself as a career-oriented person.

We all always look for the obvious bigger things in life, but happy are those who have learned to shift their focus to the smaller things. Your professional life too can be a successful one when you have your mind set on looking into the little things like punctuality or patience or a zeal to achieve the targets without upsetting anyone around you. All of these comprise of a good, strong and sound work ethic and make work ethic an essential skill for any job seeker.

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