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Insights on Job interview during Covid-19

job interview during Covid-19The need to sustain ourselves cannot change under any circumstance, be it pandemic or no pandemic. Only the system of communication and the movement of the people has been altered majorly. As a result of this, all the other changes have been caused. Other than that the requirements of existence have had no modifications. Hence, you can rest assured that if you are still on a job hunt, you will find one and for that, you will have to face a job interview during Covid-19.

Now since the times are a little different and the most crucial and talked about the topic of recent times is the Covid-19, you cannot avoid it at an interview too. There will be questions pertaining to this, and you will have to answer them smartly and uniquely. What then should be your modus-operandi? Well, just be prepared for these questions beforehand. And since this is a novel topic, it is all the more important to be abreast of all the information on it. Before appearing for an interview during this pandemic, it needs to be clear to you that the Coronavirus is the centre of the workings of the world currently. Everything is being adjusted according to its presence. So, here are some of the randomly asked questions at an interview during this pandemic.

  1. Is there something new that you discovered about yourself during the pandemic?

Remember the frequent question of recruiters in which they asked you to tell them something about yourself? This is a modified version of that question. Just like any other aware person, the hiring managers know that things have undergone changes on all fronts of an individual’s life. Thus, they will need to know who they are inviting onboard. Experts suggest that this probably is a way in which the interviewer is checking your emotional quotient. They try to gauge how well you manage your emotions when faced with a challenging situation such as the pandemic.

  1. Are you confident of being able to work from home?

 It is but obvious that a hiring company will want someone who will be able to balance both work and personal life. While the personal situation is not a thing of direct concern to them, yet the repercussions of the personal scene always affect the career of an individual. It is this that they need to be confident about the person they are hiring. In relation to this, they may ask about how you work from home, that is from what time to what time. Also, questions about whether you have a space dedicated for office work at home or not; can be a probably correlated question. Along with these they also want to know if you have any particular areas of concern that they need to be aware of; something that could affect the work.

  1. Though we are not sure as of now, nonetheless, in future will you be willing to work at the office premises?

The recruiters have the right to know whether they are hiring someone who is going to stick around with for a long time. Or are they interviewing someone, who is jumping boards just for the sake of the pandemic? They surely would not want someone who is likely to leave them any time soon. So, if you are really not interested in getting back to the working on that chair in an office, then you ought to look for jobs that specify that they function remotely all around the year.

  1. What has been your schedule during the pandemic?

The hiring people want to know if you have already been working during these trying times; this will give them an idea that you are already acquainted with this form of work. Also based on your answer to this, they will be able to comprehend whether you have been a proactive person in handling the stress of the times easily. In the bid, they will be able to analyse if they are taking on board an individual who adds value to their company or not. If you want to score excellent marks in this question, you should talk about any volunteer work that you might have participated in. And if in case you have been investing time in learning some new skills to improve your skillset then this is the right question for you to talk about it.

  1. What are you doing to maintain a work-life balance?

These are really testing times for everyone, especially those who are employed and are working from home. The most significant challenge for them is to be able to maintain a work-life balance. Hence this is undoubtedly a question that you can expect in a job interview during Covid-19. Your answer to this question will reveal to the recruiters your ability to remain organised, motivated and responsible. Time management is a crucial thing, particularly for all hiring managers currently. When the individual can manage his time for delivering his work despite staying at home, it is the right kind of employee for the recruiters. But in case you are not employed presently you can choose to talk about your daily schedule in this place.

  1. Have you learnt any new skills during the pandemic?

At times the hiring managers are straightforward and precise with their questions, so instead of asking a roundabout question and figuring out certain things, they prefer going head-on. So, here you have the opportunity to say whether or not you have done it. However, if you have not, then do not try to pretend that you are going to or are trying to. But if on a personal level you have developed some new hobbies or tried something new, you could say that here. This will give them an idea of your personality.

  1. Are you aware of Google Meet? We are all connected through it.

As always, the hiring companies look for individuals who can relate to the latest technologies being used. This is done for the apparent reason that the world is or rather has made a major technological shift. If the person they are hiring is not aware of how this functions then communication definitely becomes a big issue. You have to be prepared for this question and put your mind into upgrading yourself with all the information available of the latest digital communication tools.

  1. Why do you want to work with us?

Finally, the all-time favourite question of recruiters, asking why you want to join their company and not others. The trick to answering this is the same for a real-time as for a virtual interview. It basically has three points that need to be covered –

  1. How your values and the company’s values are in sync?
  2. What value would you add to the company?
  3. How you are a ‘cultural fit’ to their office culture?

In the first two parts, you focus on showcasing your knowledge of the company and putting forward your potential. Here is your chance to prove your worth and how you are better than the others who they are considering. The third part, however, is the most important one and perhaps the best way to impress during these challenging times. Talk to them about how you are already aware of the remote working culture. If you have already been working remotely in another company, share with them how you have done so using such new platforms of work. This will help establish your experiences and therefore give you an upper hand over other candidates. You could also boast a little about any initiative you might have taken to assist in the smooth running of the work during the lockdown phase. Or, if you have been instrumental in handling the workload efficiently all by yourself. This will further establish your sense of commitment and responsibility with whichever company you are associated with.

When times are tough, the hiring people will always look for someone who has already played the game and knows its rules well.

Now any interview gives a fair chance to the candidates taking the interview to ask a few questions before being dismissed. And especially at a time like this, a candidate who does not have information about the companies functioning will indeed have a lot of queries when attending the interview. Hence, if you are the interviewee and get the chance of asking questions, don’t shy away. Ask these following questions, so that even you can be confident that this is the kind of job you are looking for.

  1. Are you going to hire someone for the role immediately?

When appearing for an interview, you are doing so to acquire a job; you would not want a job that is going to commence somewhere in the future. Hence it is crucial that you know whether the company is hiring you instantly or not. If they don’t, you could start looking for a quicker opportunity.

  1. Are you offering any training for the position?

Not all candidates are always 100 % equipped for the position; in such cases, the companies generally provide training and assistance. Since the pandemic situation has restricted the movement of individuals widely, how are they going to go about it, is something you need to know. This will help you to ascertain if you are willing to undergo any training if you have to go in person for the same. This takes me to the next question that you should ask.

  1. What pandemic precautions is the company taking to ensure the safety of its employees in case someone has to be present in person?

Your safety is your priority, as it is closely related to your family too. Hence, it is an absolutely valid and mandatory question to ask the recruiters about the arrangements and protocols being followed by the company owners. In relation to this point, there are several other questions which could follow, for instance

  1. What could be done if I have to take care of a Covid-19 patient at home?
  2. What happens if I get affected by Covid-19?
  3. Who can I talk to in case I have any queries about the pandemic?
  4. What are the policies for sick leave?
  5. What would be the case if I were to be quarantined?
  6. What would be done if someone else at work gets infected? This is only applicable if you are being asked to go and work at the workplace.
  7. What protocols is the company following to maintain the Covid-19 rules and ensure the safety of all employees?

In connection to all these questions comes the next query about your tenure.

  1. What kind of job security can I expect from the company?

Times are utterly vulnerable; it is thus extremely crucial that you know where you will stand in case there are any glitches in your working. It would be best if you were entirely sure that the company you are working for would not lay you off very quickly. This is to ensure whether the said job is a short term hire or a long term one.

These are among the most vital queries that you need to be answered with, in order to take a firm decision if you are on the right track or not. Other than these, you could ask for permission to be able to communicate virtually with your teammates, so that you can get to know them. In this manner, you can get to know who you are supposed to report to and who all will be your potential colleagues.

Do not worry; your recruiters are thoroughly aware of the conditions of the times. They will not mind you asking such questions, so it is better that you satiate your curiosity than regretting having left some question you wanted to ask. At the end of all this, I would like to add that be it a virtual or a real-time interview; this is something that always needs preparation. Hence, use your time productively and wisely and practice all of these. The more you are prepared with the answers, the more confident you are, even if it is on an entirely new platform.

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