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Include References on a Resume, Yes or No?

references on a resumeA resume is too important a document for anyone to waste any space on it; every individual’s endeavour is to put their best into making this vital introductory document. The contents of a resume, therefore need to be very precise, crisp, and to the point. A challenge is often posed in this regard- should you or should you not include references on a resume. Though there is a divided opinion on this point; yet by and large experts think it is not necessary to make this inclusion on the resume, because of the limitation of space.

Your resume is one document where you would want to highlight all your selling points, to get an edge over other candidates. Hence, focus on that. Also, as far as the references are concerned, you do not have to worry. The recruiters know well when they are moving positively towards finalizing on hiring a particular candidate; accordingly, they will let you know if and when they require an acknowledgement of your workmanship in the form of references. This usually does not happen before a few rounds of interview, so relax. But in case there is a mention of the inclusion of references on the job listing, then leaving it out of the resume is not an option.

Another scenario where you may have to include the references is if you are opting for a job in an industry that demands testimonials from former employers or employees. In that case, you will have to provide the names and contact information of the individual who would verify your credibility.

Now, whether you have to include your references on a resume or provide them at an interview, you will have to keep in mind certain things.

  1. The person whom you are using as a reference needs to know that you are doing so and give you consent before you make the move.
  2. It is always better to include names of former colleagues, or someone you may have worked with on a successful project.
  3. Please include the name of an employer only when you have had good terms with him/her; however, a fact is that your manager’s reference would be much stronger than your peers. In order to decide on this, make sure that the prospective employer is making a firm offer and then make this reference. This is to prevent any uncomfortable situation between your current boss and you.
  4. Including family or relatives as a name on the reference list is not a good idea. Consider someone who is from neutral grounds, in case you are asked for personal references, such as your sports coach or a landlord. This is mostly proposed for when the candidate is freshly out of college and is at the entry-level; references such as this are to make sure that you are a reliable and decent individual.
  5. When giving the contact information of the references, make sure that they are valid phone numbers and email addresses and are currently in use.
  6. Only choose those who understand your job skills and will be ready to vouch for them, because they know that you honestly possess them.

However, as I said earlier, at most times it is highly recommended that you do fill in your resume with unnecessary information and the references on a resume can be one of those when a job posting does not ask for it. You have to remember that you are bound in space on a resume and thus it is pertinent that you handle it wisely and after careful deliberation. The primary intention of a resume is to present yourself as an indispensable professional, so stay focused on that and compose it. Sometimes, a recruiter may even explicitly mention that they do not want any reference; you have to be very careful then and make sure you do not include any on the resume. It will immediately put you in a negative light. Going through the job positing intently, several times before designing the resume is hence very essential. Also, if you have already mentioned these in your cover letter, there is no need to repeat it in the resume.

I hope now you are clear about whether or not you should references on a resume, nonetheless, I would advise you always to seek the help of professional resume writers when in any kind of dilemma with resume writing.

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